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Ross wants to get married but Rachel said since they weren't in love she didnt want to. I am sad.
okay I'm done ranting on my hatred for ross geller. more to come soon
NowPlaying Hell Yeah Ft Rick Ross - Stacy Barthe https://t.co/mrlTZ0dmx4 20:22
Não acredito que Ross ta dando uma de difícil essa altura do campeonato
RT @VancityReynolds: Bob Ross is very calming. 5 min into this show, it feels like you've been fucked to death by a thousand pillows. https://t.co/UMazluwLui
RT @_kimmmel: the only thing i can do with my bfa in painting is get high and critique bob ross
@yespetnarry Ross is awkward which I identify with so much
Ross is a p kewl dood >:^)
Quién querría deshacerse de Ross?! ¿?¡¿! 😅❤️ https://t.co/ufOzUE95Gp
NowPlaying Devil Is a Lie Freestyle ( Thelma N Louise) - Ms Jade and Nina Ross @THEREALMSJADE @NINAROSS215 #KNSRadio 20:21
RT @808snCarShakes: Smoke DZA & Pete Rock - Black Superhero Car ft. Rick Ross https://t.co/3pSJkUCCx4
RT @OMGLEZY: Ross & Rachel are such an iconic couple. "He's her Lobster" #Friends https://t.co/T71jLeW23N
RT @TheHermawans: Lagi2 Bani Taplak sebar Hoax. Ini foto Ross Lake Resort. 😂😂😂 https://t.co/8wor5ts8pa
@AlvaRoss25 😚lindos sueño 💤 Ross 🍁🌜👼👼👼👼💫🌺🍁🌺🍂🌸✨💫
tables turns, bridges burn, you live & learn
Sy ingin kalau udah tua tuh anak cucu sayang sama saya #BahagiaDiHariTua @BPJSTKinfo
RT @Sky1876Online: Rick Ross "Summer 17 (WSHH Exclusive Official Audio) #HIPHOP #RNB #Music #Jamaica @RickRoss https://t.co/ewZPfBYvlA https://t.co/YO8zKdS6Cm
RT @mssyrg: Tulane P Ross Massey hopes to build on "special" freshman season https://t.co/13L2Znd3fP
RT @TypicalGamer: GTA 5 Mods REAL LIFE THUG MOD #31 MOD LIVESTREAM! 💥 RETWEET for a SHOUTOUT!! Watch it here! ▶▶▶… https://t.co/5XcC4ouLy5