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@Rick_Bayless finally got to try your food, the first bite was so authentic that reminded me to tortas in Gto #Comida #Deliciosa #Buenisima
Also, I'm totally in non-gay love with Rick Bayless
Already loving tlayuda with beef tasssjo @CruzBlancaChi tonight, then @Rick_Bayless dropped in! https://t.co/N9Hx6mtr0N
@ColleenKIROFM @Rick_Bayless That is so cool...love that place!!
Yooooooo met @Rick_Bayless legit in the kitchen of Topolobampo. Best anniversary! Best cuisine!! https://t.co/EU78OnHWNR
@imrachelbelle @ColleenKIROFM @Rick_Bayless Fire, might be involved. Or, she discovered a new movement. Just sayin. #my2¢
We’ve now had 2 @Rick_Bayless fails of late… First @TortasFrontera at ORD so slow, now @XocoChicago churro machine broken. Sadness…
While you all are watching #hamildocpbs I'm watching Rick Bayless cook a chicken 😞
Have you ever seen Rick Bayless's facial hair? 😬😬😬😬
@Rick_Bayless @FronteraFoods two brand new jars of salsa are impossible to open?!?! https://t.co/IAyd6A9CC5
Rotisserie chicken #tacos w/ #Frontera jalapeño cilantro salsa & topped w/ crispy fried chicken skin! #Delishhttps://t.co/wfyFsQPpl5
I interviewed @Rick_Bayless and learned how he is bringing clean - green food 2 our tables. https://t.co/d2cBDXMK10 https://t.co/z3XnHk2VMM
@U93 @Rick_Bayless I am still able to be on Twitter. Don't know what that caller on the radio is talking about.
@Rick_Bayless @ChicagoMag Such Beautiful creative work!! Wish I lived near your restaurant. Have a great day. Visit https://t.co/HXOL0haSuh
@livkittykat yeah Rick Bayless. He makes "Mexican" food
Cheesy Shrimp Tacos from @Rick_Bayless #TacoTuesday suggestion. Great flavor profile! https://t.co/6GVUCP5GUN
@Rick_Bayless made Fideos with Black beans and chard from Salsas that Cook. Used spinach instead of chard. Delish. https://t.co/HqvEXlaeka
@aagreene87 maybe it's Rick Bayless world renowned chef. Yep that's definitely it.
RT @people: Rick Bayless' game day queso fundido burgers will make you melt https://t.co/ugEIWjNR47 via @peopleFood https://t.co/vmDRW7wW54
Yes, our rooftop garden is still producing! https://t.co/Fix96gVWJp
Frontera Cocina: @Rick_Bayless New Disney Springs Restaurant https://t.co/MDwKvokdfT
RT @DwightFurrow: @profrubengarcia @Rick_Bayless @topolobampo Hi Ruben. Thanks for the tip; it was a great meal
RT @DwightFurrow: @profrubengarcia @Rick_Bayless @topolobampo Hi Ruben. Thanks for the tip; it was a great meal