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@KDiaz34 Me encantas!!! 😍😍😍😍
3rd n 2 n we don’t run hunt 😂
finally playing kentucky route 0 and uh. This game really knows how to ride that uncanny valley
RT @taurusismagic: I'm a #Taurus I like to be very clear with people so that they can never play dumb about not knowing how I am, but…
#Repost @lucyliu0 with get_repost ・・・ Inicio no oficial de la dulce navidad #navidadrosa
@Richy_Banco We hella raw, bill trying his hardest to beat us just like every other team
@PatrickMahomes5 will be one of the greats mark my words!!!!
Who ever say the chiefs suck don’t know football we good
@rlawsonS richy I miss working with u , love you big bro!!❤️❤️
Please get a real job Diniro! Ur an actor the easiest job ever and get paid tons of money for it! Try digging ditch…
RT @CINCO__OCHO: If yo girl not lit when you performing then idk
RT @ChiefinCarolina: The old hug coverage against Kelce, never called for him tho.
What I tell y’all the kid is good
RT @lildurk: I’m bringing a sound you can’t steal stts3
RT @fam0uslondon: Be on my dick or give ya friend my number
RT @CassiFinkbeiner: Me: I’m never drinking again My friends: Wanna drink tonight?
RT @ImJstash: Showing Love Only Gets You Finessed
Drug free is the new wavee🌊