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RT @maprerd: ¿Quieres visitar el Palacio Nacional? Coordina tu visita y participa en un recorrido histórico-cultural.…
I swear Sophia Richie has my swag so does Kehlani lol must be the skinny mixed girl look lol only weirdos tho not boogi bitches
@alenpdf "Ya!- memangnya aku serbet- astaga rambutku rusak." Richie meratapi rambutnya yang rusak.
How am I supposed to focus in class when there's a Cubs World Series game tonight???
@leonel_GT_90 @Lumartinezg @Republica_gt "identifíquese cobarde" diría el Richie 😂
RT @WSHHFANS: i deadass sat and watched the whole thing
RT @voguelence: Donna Summer performs at the Roseland Ballroom in a Marabou cape.
Please RT #beauty #makeup #cosmetics Nicole Richie’s Blue Hair Makes a Comeback: Wi
@Richie_Rach I got them in my back pack.😂😂 they'll be on soon.
RT @siegejadotville: This is really cool! #TheSiegeOfJadotville director Richie Smyth @DrZombiebrain on how battle scenes were planned
@richiepdf Alen dengan gemas mengusak rambut Richie. Hanya mengusak, hampir menariknya. Hampir. "Tadi lupa cuci tangan" ujarnya cuek.
RT @FakhuusHashim: The ministry of Health dispersed Hepatitis B vaccines to gov hospitals in July a month before their expiry date
I came home to do homework .. then I laid down.
@OGRisssa just gone throw some socks on with em and thug it out 😂😂😂
@Vintage_Mods Here is Richie from one of his trips down to @BGSRacing
RT @ageHa_Tokyo: 残りあと僅か!!!11/5(土)Richie Hawtin(@richiehawtin)が主催する「ENTER.Sake(@ENTERsake)」当日より1000円オフのお得な割引チケット、 クラベリア限定で発売中!明日24日(月…
Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube de @JAYHERNANDEZ_ ( - JAY HERNANDEZ - TAMO ACTIVO // PROD. RICHIE LOUIE &
RT @EXIIIT13: Someone put Ghost back in jail.