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Once again Mourinho has got everyone speaking about him again. The guy just knows how to get everyone speaking about him 😂😂 #Mourinho
@Kicks_tL seen rhys say 5% so i used that as banter, relax
RT @WalesOnline: . @Rhys_W009 , @ShaneWilliams11 and many more as you've never seen them before https://t.co/eCNUbDd1uv
the life of pi has gone down as one of my absolute favourite films ever
RT @104Foreva: New release tonight @BPWIS_ and @IQuniverse team up on 'look like one' visuals by @KaiLDN @linkuptv #RT https://t.co/laogGWIohu
@rhys_isterix that is a shame. Sorry. First I've heard of that not getting sorted. Nggg.
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@JakeFosterRambo happy birthday chief x
Life is looking sweet as fuck atm
@aslongasicycle you did kindly say you'd look into it but didn't hear anything after that sadly.
RT @J_CartwrightN0T: £25 to look like you're taking the bins out https://t.co/0AVf6Zqh7K
RT @Sporf: #ThatMomentWhen You stumble across the dance mat arcade king 😳 (📽 @ImRyanOakes) https://t.co/GI2yyiB1kZ
RT @FootyAccums: Just seen a replay of Morata’s goal for Real Madrid.. Ronaldo appealing for offside against his own teammate 😂😂😂
@rhys_isterix I did reply to your tweets though Rhys. Clearly that didn't sort it though...so moot.
RT @CarmarthenAFC: Good luck to 5 of our under 8s Jayden, Dion, Logan, Rhys and Harry, who will represent Swansea City tomorrow against @SouthamptonFC Academy
@rhys__yo yasss! It's worth staying up to see who has been killed👀
@rhys_isterix Woah. I flagged this as important. Will make sure done. I thought was sorted as if I ask should be. N
RT @WalesOnline: . @Rhys_W009 , @ShaneWilliams11 and many more as you've never seen them before https://t.co/eCNUbDd1uv
RT @Emanhudson: The amount of deepage in this tweet https://t.co/3Ts0Ti03VA
shut up rhys nobody carws