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Rhianna and spencer are getting it on this is vry strange
is chris brown and rhianna dating in Holland https://t.co/DCjIEyCq4o
RT @springevansce: "Are you going to run out on this bill too?" https://t.co/dgRYx3B7pI
RT @bIaqpink: armys who respect and support all 7 members in bts vs armys who don't respect and support all 7 https://t.co/s0TOFQKld5
RT @jungkookrise: bts are a step away from snatching the 'nation's boygroup" title
RT @Btstaehyunqs: When Stans be hating on BTS and their own favs company be calling BTS the most influential Kpop group im living. https://t.co/UTC090nB0q
RT @RISEOFH0PE: remember when namjoon told jk not to bring white shirts while he's standing there in front of all his white shirts… https://t.co/Ki1C5Q8jC9
RT @PruCenter: Calling all @BTS_twt fans, help us build our #MusicMonday playlist with your favorite hits. Send us your suggestion… https://t.co/L9hhAdabrB
RT @cliffordsshug: First jungkook's limping back to his spot then loses his balance during the body wave..this makes me worried I hope… https://t.co/s0xHvw8acu
RT @BTS_ARMY_I: As Brazilian ARMY shouted "We love you", Namjoon changed the 'Reflection' lyrics from "I wish I could love myself"… https://t.co/WVxhVxHRiQ
RT @tweetaes: taehyung reached the high note but this time his voice rlly improved & sounded more beautiful than ever, im saved… https://t.co/kbJzZevqle
RT @ctrIbeat: can jimin stop doing the absolute most and then say he isn't doing the absolute most with the shyest smile when the members call him out
RT @bangtanostril: who is the spy? is it hoseok? is it seokjin? is it jimin? is it jungkook? find out in the next episode of dragon ball z
RT @springevansce: I dropped them even before I knew BTS (2012-2013). They've been shit since forever. https://t.co/UIcqdwdEPw
@RhiannaHubbard Sorry you feel this way Rhianna. Can you please DM what happened so we can look into this? Thanks. Carrie.
Nothing against Rhianna and her acting skills (she's an actor now?) but I don't think of her as Marion. I only see Rhianna.
rhianna dating chris brown in Johannesburg https://t.co/ljPkBvLpkI
Happy birthday rhianna smith x x https://t.co/wA3XrRs3Fk
RT @martha_briggs: This video still is the best thing ever 😂😂😂 happy birthday George ❤❤ @g_padfield https://t.co/dsRKjYwyGk
RT @ShawnMendisFan: Every Tweet With This Hashtag Is A Vote. #JFCShawnMendes 😉