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RT @TomiLahren: Truth is the new hate speech.
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An MP whose never heard of free speech. Stalin would be proud of him. https://t.co/FTuE8fcUz6
This can't be right. I've been told by numerous people that China didn't want to censor speech outside of China https://t.co/RAUCi9HezM
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I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/mAtb1bLP5C SELF DISCIPLINE - Best Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Will Smith)
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Then I guess it is impossible for you to spew hate speech? https://t.co/J6zPLAMiCt
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RT @NasirPasir: The best wedding speech ever Korang yg bakal berkahwin nanti, ameklah peluang tu ucap terima kasih dekat mak ayah,… https://t.co/7HmlnH7UcU
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