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@_MellowEden they didn't have anymore when I went 😐
@_MellowEden omg you have it?? I've been looking for so long lol
@chellyy_reynoso I'll let your borrow it when I get it back :)
RT @Lin_Manuel: Strongly against. As @PatrickRothfuss knows, manifold secret pockets are the stuff of life.
I've been looking for the book Diary of an Oxygen Thief in so many bookstores and I still can't find one 😕
i get jealous a lot because i feel easily replaceable
RT @Lin_Manuel: Write something else. Sneak your way back to your work.
RT @Lin_Manuel: She's a dream. And You know this man!
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Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube ( - Johnny B. Goode [Back To The Future Version] - Original Chuck Berry -
RT @ALBERTOCAMINERO: Murió en Cedimat el doctor Pedro Franco Badía. Confirmado con familiares y su amigo Bolívar Reynoso. Problemas pulmonares. Ex síndicoPRD1978
RT @girlposts: This guy was picking up his daughter from school and decides to film all the kids slipping on an ice path
RT @UberFacts: In February 2006, the phrase "to understand and protect the home planet" was quietly removed from NASA's official mission statement.
RT @TheatricalProbs: me watching my friends perform when everyone else in the audience is quiet af
RT @Lin_Manuel: Good morning 🌍. Took my son to his first movie, Moana. @VAMNit snapped this. It was amazing.
Challe es muy buen motivador. Pero hoy día además de motivación necesitas ser estratega, leer bien el partido. Reynoso se lo llevo por eso.