RT @UWIMona_HumEdu: Humanities students! Come out on Sept 10th in Room N1! Essay competition prizes:15 K, internship opportunity & more!
RT @enoemes6: @mrlordsam كأنها خلقت ليال تمتد من سيبيريا الى القطب المتجمد
RT @ChristianAtsu20: Hello Toon Army! I'm so happy to join @NUFC today. Can't wait to experience the fantastic atmosphere
RT @kurukurummm: おっぱい好きな人RT 巨乳ちゃん釣れた
RT @kanyegifs_: Kanye out here looking like Karen from spongebob 😭😭
RT @zaynmalik: Honoured ! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
RT @forrestgxmp: Killer: I'm coming to kill you as soon as I find your house addre- me:
RT @EXOPlanetBR: [FOTO] 29/08/16 Atualização do MCountdown com EXO
RT @MsKathyBates: @ladygaga This is why we what we do, Stef. Thanks for your help sweetheart.
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RT @massuHassuru29: 画像一時的にお借りさせてもらいましたが、言いたい事は分かってもらえるでしょうか。
RT @3ajel_ksa: تخالف «الشرع» وتتجاهل«رباط الجنود».. استنكار واسع ضد إقامة«حفلات موسيقية» لـ«محمد عبده» #محمد_عبده_سيطرب_الرياض_وجدة
RT @BBCSport: Fulham announced 2 deals in the last hour of #DeadlineDay Chris Martin has joined on loan:
RT @Learn_Things: This is how spheres of molten glass are placed atop pins
RT @Alia_a444: { عبيد الشهرة } آخر من يتكلم ✋ وهذا دليل إن حلقة #نجوم_برامج_الواقع_على_الطاولة جات على الجرح ✋💔 شكرا وليد باصالح 👏
RT @soboro_pang: 넷 다 너무 사랑스럽고 멋져ㅠㅠ 사랑해요 고스트 버스터즈!
RT @ElJeringasLoko: —Mira we, ponle vidrios de envases de botella hasta arriba del muro y nadie se va brincar yo sé lo que te digo
RT @reIatabIe: Rih slept over at Drake's hotel on Sunday and went to Nobu on Monday wearing his VMAs shirt as a dress. Screaming.