Tweets about a recent trend: Retards

@elfifthharmony @lmjscocktail so am I. I'm living at the fact that these four fat retards can't thrive without her. Lol.
I felt worse for Jon before retards wanting to make him a gaming martyr started talking.
@logicked @ButtBoob Hold up, don't blame Canada for this, blame the political class. This is politicians being retards.
@Hexmaster_Xeer fell for it how? It's not some trick. Those retards actually published it.
Need one for the 4v4 no retards pls
@pashghia @AddInfoOrg you fucking liberals are the retards. So fucking naive you'd vote for a corrupt elitist bc s…
@megynkelly When your face is wrinkled you will loose your audience (retards) and your husband.
Twitter retards always get 'fat' and 'thicc' mixed up, it's a fine line and real patricians can spot it in an instant
And thats why i dont give retards chances
@anchorsandkait @punkrockvegan @AlaynaChanel if you had knowledge you wouldn't take a class to make retards feel better about themselves
@OsrsAllison @NixxosRS It's a vedgetable you fucking retards
@Boneitis then again FA is impossible to navigate without seeing some retards inflation porn
@GeorgeTakei hey George y don't u leave this country that u hate so much go with all the other Hollywood retards please just leave sotypical
@vlapesa @MarkPygas I'm not a journalist, but it's not a hard job. All these retards do is check twitter and write a shitty article
RT @DrMaxE: #RockvilleHS There was a time when 18-year-old freshmen in HS were called retards - and seniors protected the girls from them.
@DO101Mtl Calculer le nbr de remorquages sur le chemin de la souffleuse pour valider les retards causées au déneigement #infoneige
@BumblingUSA you know that NYC guido voice account is making fun of all the fat macho new jersey retards who voted for trump, right?
@matalaz @Albertofanatico @Zeildoux sorry, no leo a retards como tú. Bye!!!
@thenff Una No Get Brain Nah, Honour Westminister attack while U Retards Ignore Benue Attacks, Mental Slavery
@haut3damn People from London are fucking retards, aren't they?
@katekate2late @Gracie_Raw @AdamParkhomenko @kejames you must be one of the funny retards. There aren't many. Embrace it
@PastrnakDavid the first of many retards