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@ABC a bunch of radical retards protesting something that would have nearly ZERO effect on their lives if doesnt benefit them indirectly
@ekiloui @MarcXabiso what is wrong with this picture....are they fucken fools? Bloody idiots ...mother flipping retards
@emptyyns Nobody should apologize to Vips for shit,No Signal does not belong to their faves. get it to your sick brains already. Retards.🙄
@6ame I have to honk more frequently than most cunts, and it's never been a compliment... It's purely traffic-based. #YYC #RETARDS
Facebook retards use the word bae like its an actuall word i can't cope
10h20. Mon rendez-vous n'est pas là. Dans ce milieu les grands retards sont habituels. Idem pour les oublis.
Are they going to shove spices in their vaginas so Trump doesn't grab em? How is this bullshit social action? Its j…
Also to retards who keep saying trump needs to be impeached do you really want mike pence running this country... yeah didn't think so lol
Hahaha non mais elle est maudite des retards elle. #OnPourraSouffler 😥
@BruceChakatsva I refuse to believe that level headed S.A are responsible but rather the retards......every society has a bunch of those.
@foxytalks "I make amazing sandwiches. Best Retards, Sophia".
Les #PME françaises cumulent les retards de l'usage des #sites #internet ... Pour en savoir plus :
@guapest @RitasThoughts @0Riek he's very emotional right now he just lost virtual experience points to retards don't bully him please x
@nytimes Only retards and public sector parasites would be cool with this.
MMR (Meet Many Retards) 😂
Where r those indian retards hiding now who were happy over @realDonaldTrump "s #Immigration ban...#kansas
@MarkDice @YourselfSuit this piece of shit needs to be killed slowly and violently in front of the retards who adopted him
@crehage is this the best argument you retards have? Hilarious 😅 @realDonaldTrump
RT @praiselifter: You're going to antagonize and influence an untold number of retards. Stop it!
Hier je suis arrivé à l'heure mais la j'ai deux petites heures de retards
RT @NOMSMORTSC55: Testimoni directe: un usuari del bus entre Manresa i Barcelona relata 22 dies seguits de retards via @diariregio7
@TormentStarzy had to delete it, so fucked aye. I'm not into too long haired retards
@DrEvilGamer @KarismaSingh @HopeStillFlies Speaking of functional retards.. you up for Overwatch Ranking matches this Sunday?
RT @NCY_MTZ_LUX: Le 23/02 la ligne Nancy-Metz-Luxembourg a subit 50 incidents dont 0 annulations et 50 retards soit un retard cumulé de 01:15
@discordapp following retards is good for your psychical and mental health **cough** **cough** me **cough** *cough**