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🙆🙆🙆 may that soul rest in peace
RT @ABFalecbaldwin: When I first lived in LA, in 1983, I volunteered for constituent services work in Tom Hayden's Santa Monica office. Rest In Peace, Tom.
Rest in Peace Jeff Bauer. You were a good man.
RT @pat_05: got affected with the sad in peace direk ruel salamat s mga pinagsamahan at itinuro mo po.. mamimiss ka namin s juan for all.. ☹️
RT @arrowtroye: rest in peace my angel👼 you will always be loved and you will never be forgotten, thanks for being a hero…
RT @Zionocracy: "Hello world my name is Hala I just died because Israel would not let me leave #Gaza to get Cancer treatment" Rest…
Goes to show that even the youngest of minds can be taken from us, just like that. Live well guys. Rest in peace, Paul.
@bjorktiddie rest in peace Eric Greenman
RT @Daaydreamer_: Rest in peace, little angel. ❤️😔🙏🏻 #TheWalkingDead #TWD
RT @ImmortalDixon: Rest in Peace, Glenn… We’ll never forget you… #TheWalkingDead #RIPGlenn
Rest In Peace brother . The first casualty of operation inherent…
rest in peace glenn rhee you will forever be in our hearts. (Vine by @camilacohan)
RT @marydudziak: Rest in peace Tom Hayden. Papers already open to researchers @UMich will be important for historians of the left.
@bassel_amin may they rest in peace 🙁
Rest In Peace Destri, you are so loved ❤️❤️❤️
RT @HawrylyshynFund: Царство Нeбeснe! Світла Пам'ять! Зeмля пухом! Вічна пам'ять! Rest in peace!
RT @Daaydreamer_: Rest in peace, little angel. ❤️😔🙏🏻 #TheWalkingDead #TWD
RT @Daaydreamer_: Rest in peace, little angel. ❤️😔🙏🏻 #TheWalkingDead #TWD
RT @Daaydreamer_: Rest in peace, little angel. ❤️😔🙏🏻 #TheWalkingDead #TWD
* rest in peace dJ ; April 19 is a day that I'll never forget . Fly high baby boy 💙👼🏾😩
@_shyyk rest in peace 😂
Rest In Peace to Abraham and my favorite character from the show, Glenn. You'll be dearly missed and the group will get their vengeance #TWD
May their Souls rest in Peace!
RT @dr_rajpurohit: @ShashiTharoor May the Nobel soul of your father rest in peace always.