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400 Representatives, 100 Senators and we can't fix health care? #doyourjob
New York: Please stop killing adoptable pets! Plz sign:
UN representatives report what needed for Balakleya fire damage assessment
RT @brianklaas: Who knew about the "arcane" rule of democracy that laws don't pass if a majority of representatives oppose a bill?
. Headline Rewrite: Male representatives of religions (believing in 1 gender-less God) unite against terror, proxy…
RT @WIDN_: Will definitely send one of our representatives to the #bondconf next year!
RT @FCBayernEN: There are more #FCBayern representatives in today's internationals! Veel succes, @ArjenRobben! 🇳🇱 #BULNED…
RT @PuliArason: @SuryahSG Even if JJ would've been alive we would've had #RKNagarByPoll Disqualification of convicted representatives in India
RT @faisalsubzwari: MQM Local Govt Representatives refused to take New Cars from Provincial Govt, demanded Machinery to lift Garbage fr…
U.S. House of Representatives: Give the Animals Rights! - Sign the Petition! от @Change
RT @fixit_fitz: Time to #ImpeachTrump #WhatMotivatesMeIn4Words #IVote: Share this hash and image with your representatives, let the…
RT @Wendy55129810: Beautiful...💛🐱 Suhzhou Embroidery As one of the representatives of Chinese culture and arts.
अमेरिका: बना रहेगा ओबामाकेयर, नया हेल्थ बिल पास कराने में नाकाम ट्रंप ने जताई निराशा via @NavbharatTimes:
ओबामाकेयर पर मिली 'हार' से डॉनल्ड ट्रंप निराश
ओबामाकेयर पर मिली 'हार' से डॉनल्ड ट्रंप निराश
ओबामाकेयर पर मिली 'हार' से डॉनल्ड ट्रंप निराश
RT @CBSNews: SPECIAL REPORT: "The Republican plan to repeal Obamacare has failed in the House of Representatives," @ScottPelley…
Yes! Ms May has a choice, all peoples' representatives do. #UBI enables us to take time to enjoy life 😊🤗
Did #ShivSena MP just demonstrate how public should treat their representatives if they don't deliver what they commit? #ShivSenaKGundey
RT @AngusRobertson: Campaigning to retain the @RBS Buckie branch with local SNP representatives Stewart Stevenson MSP and Cllrs Gordon…
RT @JohnTDolan: President Trump should NEVER trust Paul Ryan who NEVER should have been made "Speaker" of OUR House of Representati…
@Ponz_O21 @UnoThemOnes ok. Valentino ati Kenzo representatives have united abi.
RT @Mars_Bartolomeo: #obamacare versus #trumpcare. First crash for President Trump. The US-House of Representatives shows that America remains a democracy.
RT @IPM_FMGroup: #IntruderAlarm Maintenance Book a meeting with one of our representatives > #Security