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G.O.P. Plans Immediate Repeal of Health Law, Then a Delay
On repeal day, drink whiskey from literally prohibtion era.
@SueSmith587 @AdamsFlaFan unconscionable to repeal ACA-healthcare is a right not a privilege
RT @CatoInstitute: Today is a great day for freedom. On this day in 1933, the 21st Amendment was ratified, thus repealing Prohibition.…
RT @JoinTheMajority: On this day 83 years ago, the US voted to repeal alcohol prohibition. Isn’t it time we do the same with marijuana?…
GOP repeal/replace Obamacare now repeal/replace GOPplan•Delay any plan til after 2018 election•#BuyersRemorseYet #NMP
RT @SimonMaloy: the Speaker sets the baseline: zero people will be adversely affected by Obamacare repeal
RT @jmsexton_: Republican senators having second thoughts on that Medicaid repeal thing ~ @dailykos
RT @SenMikeLee: I congratulate President-Elect Trump & look forward to helping him repeal Obamacare, reduce regulation, and confirm conservative judges.
RT @MHHmeyer: What will it take to keep insurers from fleeing after the ACA's repeal? via @modrnhealthcr
Gop will repeal obama care in name only. Trumps supporters have been played. They will repeal but do nothing. Leave fallout for 2020.
Stewarts Old Rye 1904 | Celebrate Repeal Day the Right Way with Five Pre-Prohibition Spirits
RT @FoxNews: The First 100 Days: The Future of #ObamaCare and Pres-elect @realDonaldTrump's Repeal-Replace Plans @BretBaier…
RT @PoliticalNatUSA: NEW RULE let's repeal Der Führer @realDonaldTrump's 卐 use of a @twitter account? After all look how distracted he is! #RepealDay #RETWEEETME
California Rep. Kevin McCarthy Wants To Repeal Obamacare, Worrying Constituents : Health News : NPR
GOP repeal/replace Obamacare NOW repeal/replace GOPplan but not til after 2018 election #BuyersRemorseYet #BoycottJan20 #NMP #BlazingPants
RT @howtodoit1: "time for Congress to do its job and reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act... fraud is now a business model on #WallSt"…
RT @AnthraciteGPO: These women got what they wanted on this day in 1933 - the repeal of prohibition. Yay for #beer !
@CatoInstitute @KatMurti Another great day to celebrate will be the repeal of the "Affordable" Care Act,most unpopular law since Prohibition
@PaulRyanUpdate Repeal the ACA? What's the replacement...that's what I thought, 0! #stopsittingonyourhands #gettowork
RT @RockyMntnMike: I hope the electors repeal and replace Trump. I have no idea what they'll replace him with, but believe me, it'll be something terrific.
@realDonaldTrump I've been saying this 4 years."Ocare" is a CONSERVATIVE versn of ROMNEYCARE,which is a CONSERVATIVE V of NIXONCARE.Repeal?
@SpeakerRyan If the GOP wants to hold power, repeal and replace Obama Care with single payer. US only western country w/o Nat'l Healthcare.
RT @lizbilney: So, do you think the government needs parliamentary approval to sign or repeal a treaty?
RT @Nathan_Duell: Congress has all the tools to get #Obamacare fully repealed. This @Heritage_Action memo outlines the path