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RT @Tha5SOSFamily: Reminder! 5SOS SNAPCHATS: Ashton: astroashton1994 Luke: lukehemmings Band Acc: wearefivesos #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #5SOSFam
Irregular masculine words class leads to reminder that you can name your kid "Snow Bear"
RT @Pouyalilpou: daily reminder I am gorgeous as hell
Reminder po baka nagka amnesia na ang iba jan. KISSES OurDreamFriend
RT @HBRC_UCL: A reminder that we are ONE WEEK from launching our new dept of Behavioural Sciences and Health on 23rd Jan #BSHdept #comingsoon #verysoon
DepEd has issued a reminder that the Senior High School Voucher Program for SY 2017-2018 is now on-going…
RT @arigoggles: just a reminder this exists 😻 goodnight @troyesivan
RT @JustBeautyuk: Your #TuesdayMotivation reminder that you can do anything you put your mind too today! 🙌
RT @amirulruslan: Reminder to all why Tun Mahathir has been politically dominant for 50 years: he is a master of letters. So eloquent.
A wonderful event to open the 2017 Legal Year here in Geelong and a timely reminder to aim to improve access to jus…
Reminder to myself, gotta do one of those meet the artist drawing sometime soon!
The #AustralianOpen every year is always a reminder of those who are still playing. Such as Youzhny, Haas, Stepanek. Dan Nestor still at 44.
RT @pinktaemin: daily reminder: this 2min photoshoot existed
Friendly Reminder: Enter to win @GFuelEnergy's Weekly Giveaway by Friday! (You can thank me later)
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I literally listen to reminder all day. #ifitaintxothenitsgottago
Forgotten man Saili issues reminder of his class
RT @samatlounge: Reminder that the #BoroughBookBash is this Thursday. Easy way to meet a few new people & make some new connections.
RT @bdawnfit: morning reminder: not one ounce of your self worth depends on someones opinion of you. and repeat that again.
Reminder from my Meeting Journal. Worn out coz notebook talaga ito ng buong office. 😂
RT @daggertattooH: Friendly reminder harry wakes up to this and Louis wakes up to this
RT @LibyaLiberty: If nothing else, this election has been a somber reminder that #MLKDAY isn't a nod to history. It's a reminder for the ages.
RT @PollyTickal: A historic reminder of why Americans can't trust their own Intel agencies.
RT @reminder_top: 38年前の今日(1979年1月17日)#布施明 のシングル「君は薔薇より美しい」がリリースされました。オリコンで週間8位、ザ・ベストテンでは最高4位。NHK紅白歌合戦においては、4度もこの曲を歌うほど彼の代表曲となっています。