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RT @thegarance: (6) All of which is a good reminder that when something about a company seems off, it can be even more that way for employees than customers
RT @MONTAZIAPARIS: reminder for myself: don't lose yourself in a toxic relationship trying to better him, don't put yourself through that ever
RT @ashvickney: Take advantage of the spring weather by taking some me time! Love this reminder from @SummerTelban #selfcare
RT @StericycleComms: Physicians want more than just the standard #text appt reminder. Find out more on our latest #blog:
A reminder: please share this with all your therapists friends. I guarantee you it will be worth your time and...
RT @calvinstowell: Reminder that there are 3,000 communities with lead poisoning as bad, or far worse than Flint, and Trump wants to d…
RT @BroadwayJanitor: Reminder. That's Alden kissing Maine Mendoza. MARRY YOUNG #ALDUBxDTBYBagongSimula
I need to book my time off for con bravo... self reminder for tomorrow 😅
unfriendly reminder that im not a girl and just because im not around you doesnt mean you should call me a girl
Just a quick reminder to vote for #아름다워 on the Show Champion app! We are currently at 1st place!
RT @zoeychill: Daily reminder: u ain't shit
RT @coastward: reminder that lupe fiasco is a bigger weeb than you
RT @MaxineWaters: A reminder that this is the person who will lead on Trump's tax plan.
RT @MaxineWaters: A reminder that this is the person who will lead on Trump's tax plan.
@rechelon a reminder; never again
RT @gummyngi: Just a friendly reminder about how good Hoseok looks with dark hair. I mean loOK AT HIM.
RT @4everNeverTrump: Reminder: a man who lost the popular vote, has 36% approval & is under FBI investigation is ending programs majority want. #TrumpRussia
RT @OFFlClALCHANCE: reminder: you're still young and you're not supposed to have your whole life figured out yet. dont stress, it'll all work out
RT @KentishDweller: A small reminder of summer - the longest day last year on the #Chartham Downs, #Canterbury. Chartham Walk route ava…
RT @FATHERBONNET: Daily reminder that Andre 3000 is one of the best rappers alive
RT @katie_brown03: just a happy reminder for seniors; we only have 28 school days left until graduation😛🎉
RT @tiny_snorlax: Just a reminder: Here's a graphic that gives insight on how fandom artists are severely underpaid.