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REMINDER: Please join our Family History Workshop TOMORROW! 12p-3p #genealogy #filam #filipinoamerican #historyโ€ฆ
RT @KTHopkins: Handy reminder. 17.4 million people voted to Leave the EU. 20,000 posh pillocks in Richmond just voted to Remain. Again.
It's a reminder of the struggle to never forget ... ๐Ÿ‘€
@Pinkincity Your reminder has been set! Don't forget you can book your seats now at
RT @universaluk: #SingMovie box office is now open. RT to get a reminder for when it is in UK cinemas.
REMINDER: Tony Bennett's new album #Tony90 including "La Vie en Rose" performed by Lady Gaga. Out on Dec. 16:โ€ฆ
friendly reminder! โ˜† i love chris so much!!!!!! โ™ก
RT @Tea_EmpathyNHS: Reminder to all #NHS workers, whether #teamnightshift or #dayteam - take 5 mins this eve to do something for yourseโ€ฆ
RT @Sustainable2050: Quick reminder: that we're crashing the Arctic sea ice is not just bad for polar bears: It has already started to disrupt climate big time.
a tiny reminder: I am donating the profits from my art prints to charity this year. ๐ŸŽ
RT @EthanObama: Friendly reminder for all the Hillary haters. She was the only one condemning white people for killing black people. #JoeMcKnight
Those who don't know they beautiful so they beg for attention as a reminder
RT @tjholmes: A reminder: Slager said he made decision to use deadly force during scuffle with #WalterScott, BEFORE Scott started running. #SlagerTrial
This is your annual reminder that being wished "happy holidays" is not persecution.
RT @TDNike: Reality check: having lunch at layover & outside below me is the flag draped coffin of a military person. Reminder of the true sacrifice.
RT @lbjamesharden: Just a reminder that Steph Curry is terrified of getting switched onto James Harden ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Friendly reminder that people suck
Advent is a reminder that Christians live according to a different calendar as followers of the incarnate Son of God.
RT @NotTheToryPress: Just a quick reminder of what you're supporting if you're supporting UKIP.