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RT @TylerJoe81880: @RickyRoman91 I remember you from TREVI LOUNGE IN FAIRFIELD WE HAD A PRIVATE DANCE YOU WERE AMAZING. Love watching Boomber Banks banging You
"I'm on your side, always remember that." God I miss my dad soooo much.
RT @preaching: i remember song lyrics from my favorite songs 5 years ago but i don’t remember what i learned in school yesterday
RT @jannaelauren: @anitacw11 @Flamerrr_ @daijahhines @esmall0914 remember what we learned in bio natural selection... erica will soon die off
RT @tinahalada: people only show you what they want you to see. remember that
RT @CubanDaVinci: Love what you got remember what u had
RT @XXXtenntacion: Always remember who stayed down and who switched up.
RT @90spideypool: and then i remember getting happy as hell when they made a Bratz live-action movie
RT @SaraUpdate: ทวิตฝรั่งอันนึงพูดว่า.. Forget the mistake, Remember the lesson. จงลืม.."ความผิดพลาด" แต่จงจดจำ.."บทเรียน"
Remember how I told you guys in 2015 that I'm a mack god...well nothing has change, in fact iv gotten even better
RT @Baeless4ever: does anybody else go thru their old pictures and videos and just smile because u remember how fun those times were because same
@Afri_kenna you right I remember that shit 😂😂😂,
Do y'all remember when yixing gave that speech and said something about idk how to explain it
RT @MindOfZayrin: ZAYN NO RIR Remember ZAYN said that he is The Sickest Drummer On The Planet... @zaynmalik #Pillowtalk…
RT @DavidDobrik: Do you guys remember Elmo? This is him now
RT @LMJoohyun: "My Voice" is such a perfect and fitting title for Taeyeon's first album, it made me remember this comment 🎤💓
I remember this day❤️❤️❤️
RT @Swiftness13: Remember when Tay wore a dress with 10 rows of gold for her Grammys. 7 below for the ones came before & 3 on top fo…
@INTLROLEPLAY I remember a movie. "Ranveer Ishani" :")
I remember this day❤️❤️❤️
Next year I'm going to take my pops to the All-Star game in LA remember this tweet mah dudeds 👌🏼
remember who had you at your lowest
RT @neosgirlxjadine: Remember that Marvin Gaye prod that's filled with so, hints sa body language? JaDINeLove Anniversary #KCAPinoyStar #NadineLustre