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RT @okokesha: Ok but do y'all remember this iconic moment? #7YearsOfVictorious
RT @velvetgasm: remember when joy said that rv often sing the songs in her drama since they help her practice then yeri sang one of…
RT @afrodsappho: She so goddamn fine. Then I remember she don't shower daily and that picture prolly stank and naw.
RT @matheuznn: Remember Fudêncio from MTV? this is him now, feel old yet ?
They see you doing good,now it's kinda hard to diss you. Niggas be sick when they remember all the bad they wished you
RT @RappersSaid: Y'all remember when Eddie started spitting fire?? 🔥👀🔥
RT @batsugeemu: if monday's getting you down and everything sucks, just remember p5 is coming out next week
I don't want to remember anymore lol i hit a bad one hahaha fuck
RT @TheScrumSports: Remember that Vasilevskiy is 22 years of age. Has barely scratched the surface. #TBLightning #CHIvsTBL
I get angry then low key remember my current rent is nothing like this.
@SS_Reed_ Always remember that god has a plan.
RT @velvethuntys: Seunghee: wait let me remember she's so cute #OHMYGIRL #오마이걸
@WillTarashuk Remember his losing his train of thought when we were chanting biff at friendsgiving?
@vivien2112 it got worse so I had surgery on my throat if I remember
me tomorrow telling my brain to remember what i learned about the brain for this test
RT @sugaegu: remember when pre debut bts rapper line went to see eminem live & now look at them ;-;
RT @barstoolsports: "Remember when you took my first round pick" "Yea" "And then I won the Super Bowl" "Yea" "And then I traded my firs…
Remember our summer last year 😶😂😩😩! I could have killed someone
RT @jenilynn1001: Let's take a moment to remember Amina & Sarah Said, who were murdered by their father in an Islamic Honor killing.…
@KainLancelot I remember it being mentioned to me. But I forgot what it was about.
Probably Social Network. I remember being so glued to the screen the entire time. Her is a close second. What a bea…
RT @NBAcom: Remember me? @TFlight31 with the steal and a 360 slam in his return to Toronto! #LetsGoMagic
RT @brokensabr_: Freemixing/ flirting 24/7 has become a norm for a lot of people on this app. Just remember everything you do effects the state of your heart