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@enchantedskillz A line of coke ??? Why dont you put your TMT hat on OZ and watch Hagler v Duran. Remember ?? U said that U had seen it but
RT @aaron_hogan: 4 Things We Need to Always Remember in Education via @gcouros
RT @fouseyTUBE: having a bad day? going through a break up? can't pay your bills? have no fear. just remember that @JColeNC album drops in 4 days. :)
RT @Jessiah_17: People switch up when they get comfortable remember that
RT @VIGO456: I remember when Lenny Henry first came on the telly I turned to the wife and said, these lot will take over now.
RT @kingsepp: Remember those ن marks that ISIS painted on homes of Christians for targeting? #Burundi regime is using crosses.
Remember that time I lay in a stranger's front yard because leaves and took a selfie and posted it literally everyw…
why do I always remember about the shit ton of work I've gotta do when it's nearly midnight
I remember the first one 😭 but y'all slide
RT @wesleysnipes: Whenever you feel sad or inadequate just remember that somewhere in the world there is an idiot pulling a door that says push.
@TrampleTrump @pcarenza I will continue to say, the far right is as dangerous as the far left. Remember the pendulum. Poor misguided souls
RT @GetWig_d: working on a new unit for myself as I haven't had a new wig in 4eva! 🌸💜✨ Look out for the end product and remember…
RT @hxrvey: do u ever just feel like deleting social media but then u remember u have no life?? same
RT @soompi: S.E.S Stars In New Variety Show And Releases Teaser Images For Special Album
RT @sbell021: .@GETRIDDATHAT yes, we remember that. We also remember you tweeting this before later deleting it. We'll be sure to…
Remember where we were two years ago around this time. @DiZzLefz @ghoenet
REMEMBER YOU MY PLUG 😩😩😩 2.5-3 I neeeeeds them
RT @onemegawatt: Remember those Riolu crossbreeds? This is how they look now, feel old yet? 8^)
RT @sumerin_i: i don't even remember making this fhdfsjdk
RT @CuntryCounselor: Remember the first time you played Stacks in Uno?! Got rid of 47 cards at once
Bruh remember when I did a cover of answer lmao shit was lit hope u liked it while we was still friends
@pcgamer AHHHH this is the first real game I ever remember playing! This is awesome!
Come enter 2016 Popular Woodworking December to Remember with me!