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The incredibly charismatic Jeremy Neale will be supporting Regurgitator at their Howler show on Thursday 3...
New event, Regurgitator Live At The Orchard -
Hi there. So here's an awesome thing. We will be supporting bona fide legends and "top blokes" Regurgitator along...
@jr_lousy374 @FoxNews And it turns out you're nothing more than a talking point regurgitator & morally corrupt yourself. Educate yourself!!
Jeremy Neale is supporting Regurgitator this is the best news
Imagine this beautiful music alongside the Casus acrobats! + Ben Ely from Regurgitator and musician Sue Smith Whew!
4. Tape Face - the niche act of the season, similar to the regurgitator last yr. He will most likely have my vote, but it's up to America
Kong Foo Sing is the reason I've seen Regurgitator, like, 7 times. So fun when the crowd starts jumping. #Tunesday
BAR POP presents LIVE AT THE ORCHARD - Starring #REGURGITATOR!!! 26 November 2016.
@johnboywest @twest53 LOL. LOL. On here just as much as me apparently. Hurling uncreative ignorance. MSM regurgitator.
Randomly earwormed by Regurgitator so you can be too:
@thinchristopher @NolteNC doesn't he live in New York media narrative regurgitator? Is Hillary a man of the people?
Judging by the composition of the Regurgitator Essentials playlist, Unit is by far their best album—6 out of 14 tracks
I wouldn't want to waste my valuable time listening to a regurgitator who never had an original thought!
@beitaron @Salon Salon is basically a Kremlin front media org. Talbot's and Blumenthal's regurgitator of Kremlin agitprop.
@shaftshaft Gaseous Republican? Grotesque Regurgitator? Gargoyle Replicant? Enquiring minds...
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