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RT @eusantovitti: manu é o clone do léo régis dois perdidos nasceram um para o outro #rockstory
RT @TeLauraEAllane: If your mom tells you someone isn't a good person for you, I've learned there is a 100000% chance she's right
▯̶╻⁽📃⁾。꒰#JustForYoux!♡⃣꒱‣⑵₀⅙╻▯̶ ꔛ▮:❪REGIS🛁。⊸ALLKPOP100%❫:▮ꔛ DM🔭➭⃞∘❰@forxofficial❱:🌿⊇:⸋ ꜕ꔪ⸌ #พื้นที่โปร #โปรแฟม rt ตามทัก ⍄ ̲̲̅̅
RT @CNN: 134 passengers on the first-ever chartered flight to see the Southern Lights had this for a view…
RT @forxroa: ▯̶╻⁽📃⁾。꒰#JustForYoux!♡⃣꒱‣⑵₀⅙╻▯̶ ꔛ▮:❪REGIS🛁。⊸คนที่ไม่ทำร้ายดรีมมิ่ง❫:▮ꔛ DM🔭➭⃞∘❰@forxofficial❱:🌿⊇:⸋ ꜕ꔪ⸌ #พื้นที่โปร…
Llendo a comer😏😏😏✨
RT @Ygrene: "Hey nerd, who brings a friggin book to a bar?" *my eyes narrow as I close my worn copy of Advanced Techniques for Winning Barroom Brawls*
RT @melaninmamis: If all lives matter then find our girls.
RT @AhmedBaba_: The only true words that ever came out of Trump's Twitter…courtesy of his ghostwriter. Y'all know he didn't write T…
If I ever have a kid it will be named Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff-Godefroy regardless of gender
@cassipacheco gostaria de dizer q to no Régis
RT @Marcos_Jovani: okay but really, if you have a chance tomorrow go and check out the Regis College Dance Company show at 2pm in the FAC!!!
RT @SomewhatHopeful: Regis needs to come back to Tv full time! He and Kathie Lee are magical! #Today
meeting @beapaulene at regis but we have a diff regis in mind jusko lord
RT @FranckJocktane: #Gabon : REGIS ESSONO " Alors que nous pleurons encore nos morts, des employés de commerce, abusivement qualifiés...
Companheira da noite e de sempre💗
RT @JohnFDaley: 30,000 Years O' Fart? C'mon St. Regis, I thought you were classier than that.
RT @eusantovitti: quero muito que role manu e léo régis eu preciso shippar esse menino com alguém antes dessa novela acabar #RockStory
RT @stregismumbai: All of The St. Regis Mumbai's venues have secured a spot in the @FoodFood Top 100 Awards 2017. Vote here:…
RT @people: Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford test their friendship in a sweet reunion on the @TODAYshow…
RT @CelebInsiderorg: Regis Philbin And Kathie Lee Gifford Host 'Today' ... #CelebrityNews #KathieLeeGifford…
Regis fez questão de falar que tava indo no Festeja gritando só pra eu escutar