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RT @fdths: . @qotjrcns1108 바람에 따른 머리카락입니다~ 출처 ;1. 2. 3.
RT @footballzebras: Today's post: NFL has done more tinkering w/ OT rules in last 7yrs than previous​ 70yrs. Why new proposal won't work
要Opt-Inですかー。 FIX: Heavy memory usage in ReFS on Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10
@On_TheBounce so i'm just trying to figure out what to tell them or what sort of refs to go for
refs don't be wanting to call shit
refs don't be wanting to call shit 😂
Listened to @TheAnfieldWrap following good refs from @AhsanNaeem - SO much more balanced than the general football pods. Crazy.
RT @OMAR_CR7_: Every woman should find her a man who would take care of her and carry her in the toughest moments just like the refs do with Barcelona ❤
RT @aliciablumross: #digital and non-digital are intertwined in research w kids w refs to @koenleurs @pia_phaudrup @jackiemarsh…
@joshiefairburn Pretty sure he's suspended for questioning the refs integrity? I could be wrong
@TheMattBungard @MickThePerm @mitchd_90 There was people that I never see comment on refs do it on Saturday night that's how bad it was
@TheMattBungard @MickThePerm @mitchd_90 hey I didn't refs fault Saturday, Jeff Younis might be blind as a bat but I didn't refs fault
@MickThePerm @mitchd_90 tbf I said that literally 100 % because Robbo refs fault gives me life
Best of luck to my brother @BillyReynz with his Op today. On the road to recovery, can't wait for us to moan at refs on the pitch again bro
RT @KimmiSmiles: @chhopsky @mtcih yeah I agree with that point entirely. It's not that the cast is white, it's more than they still make Japanese refs
RT @JayMcKee74: Think Crosby has earned some respect from the refs? This is comical actually.
@On_TheBounce Hey Jarvy, weird request. Would you have any good refs of like, proper sniping/aiming posture?
@Piping_Shrike constitutional refs on esoterica routinely see don't cares vote no. But this one could be different, could be as you say
RT @Athletepedia: "If NFL refs played fantasy football"
RT @6ixManRT: These Refs are not playing games no more 👀⛹🏽
@paexie These are so good! really gotta HAND it to ya.Can't put my FINGER on exactly what I love about these HANDY refs. I'll see myself out
RT @PBAonTV5: Star import Tony Mitchell is unimpressed with the refs.
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