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RT @HaleaMoriah: PSA: I DO NOT care how many blankets I have, I will always be thrilled when receiving a blanket as a gift. I want infinite comfort items.
RT @businessinsider: A top NBA shooter J.J. Redick on free throws
RT @5ivePointLife: 🔥 Don’t miss out on this #Giveaway !! Enter for a chance to win!! 🔥
@Jt856 @WalkWithLyle @Boston__Sucks JJ Redick already said that wasn’t true. Not everyone needs to be Demar and Lowry
RT @Will_Rucker3_AD: Ben Simmons Markelle Fultz Jimmy Butler Robert Covington Joel Embiid JJ Redick Think about it
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RT @gchsbands: Future GCHS Band members at the Jackson/Brookpark Football game!
@g_redick @karameso0827 歴戦王も忘れないで
@RipHamiltonGOAT Fultz, Redick, Butler, Simmons, Embiid is better than everyone except the Celtics. I think the Cel…
bg and jimmy butler on the same team??? and deandre jordan??? and chris paul??? and jj redick???? wow what a time that would’ve been
JJ redick performing at halftime? Hope the sixers don’t play super bowl Sunday
PG: Isaiah Thomas SG: JJ Redick SF: Giannis PF: Boogie C: Joel Embiid
@YrnMarcc_ @KrisParanoia @BoogieEllis @DukeDigest Obviously a basketball idiot - maybe you've heard of this guy nam…
Call them plays so the team win Coach K to my Blue Devils They was transporters like Jason Statham Now they ball li…
@LibertyMil Something has to change across the board. Not just for our military children but all children
Don’t see why people wanting pure sharps to able to just eat at will your jj redick not Stephen Curry 😂😂
@LibertyMil I think it could be useful. I say this because when we were in Germany our kids went to DOD schools. Wh…
@bubbagump324 How does one redick, er I mean redact someone else's statement?
RT @UMichFootball: Let's make The Big House rock on Saturday. What do you think, @_Dbush11? #GoBlue | #WearMaize
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