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How meat was kept from rotting before the invention of the refrigerator #FarmHistory #FarmBuildings
PHOTOS: Korean War Veterans Memorial
PHOTO: Arlington National Cemetery Guard
Treasurer of the United States under 4 Presidents: Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, J.Q. Adams #CongressionalCemetery
Inlaid Wood Picture Twins of a Tree-Lined Path that My Father Made PHOTOS, woodworking
Desert Night lights blurred into waterfall looking picture 3
Laguna Beach Crescent Bay Sunset by Seal Rock 2
Laguna Beach Crescent Bay view from sand
Laguna Beach Crescent Bay Sunset by Seal Rock 1
Barbie and Ken Metallic Spectra Robot Dolls Vintage
So Cute Carmen of Baby Face Dolls Vintage
No government shutdown can cancel the beauty with which we are surrounded #sunset
PHOTO: The New Bachelor in Town Will he meet The New Maiden? humor
Someone Threw Pearls in Here? PHOTO, farm, humor