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Reba! I love this show. Funny asf. I should've been watching this.
@reba the show is still one of my all time faves and I've seen them all over and over!
@reba Same! My friends and I were jamming out to the Theme Song just yesterday! Love the show so much!😭
@reba Ms. McEntire your tv show is awesome
I wish @reba would personally tweet us, I miss those personal tweets to us!!!
@reba So cute love the photo
@reba you don't want to be a crazy cat lady like me? 😂
Does Reba have an album coming out soon? I'd be so perched because Love Somebody slayed
RT @NewOnAudible: The Big Picture by Jenny B. Jones narrated by Reba Buhr #Romance
#NowPlaying on Highway 181 Country : Reba mcentire - Somebody should leave @reba #Country #OnAir
It is a picture of Reba with a dog this is it everyone the world is officially over the Internet is about to implod…
@reba have fun in France
@reba I have three labs at home!! So precious.
I swear no one gets as excited when Reba comes on as me.. 😍😂
The Big Picture by Jenny B. Jones narrated by Reba Buhr #Romance
@reba this is the cutest thing ever. Who's dog is that??:-)
#NowPlaying on Retro Country 890: Reba McEntire - Fancy #CountryMusic Tune in at
every time i leave my phone reba posts. EVERY. TIME.
#RebaMcEntire Signed REBA MCENTIRE COUNTRY LEGEND ACTRESS Tremors 8.5x11 #Photo Autographed COA…
Watching Reba TV show! Love this show. It's so funny! @reba #reba #rebatvshow
@reba Aww, this is too cute! Thanks for sharing!
@reba this is too adorable! Whose puppy?