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RT @violet_hayley: RT if you’d want to see me wear these
RT @junhuniverse: rt if ü stan: ➳ ikon ➳ blackpink ➳ winner ➳ bigbang basically applying for some mootuals and yg stans :)
RT @xZesko: RT if ur an OG and you remember this
RT @annvandersteel: I would add that our freedom of speech isnseriously under attack. #YourVoiceAmerica and others like @DiamondandSilk…
RT @TravisAllen02: Today marks Trump’s 108th day at a Trump property. Most Americans won’t see 108 days of vacation in a DECADE, much…
RT @nochillinmzasi: RT if you know this movie but still single
RT @badgalmaddie_: RT if you ever watched this cartoon, let’s know ourselves 🙌😂
RT @ernestadiq: RT if you need a new phone
RT @9GAG: Spongebob: | ( • )( • ) | Patrick: / ( • )( • ) \ Squidward: ( (•)(•) ) Plankton: | (•) | Mr. Krabs: |•||•| RT if you can see them.
RT @ajmpolite: The Economist writes that "most Remainers concede that Brexit should go ahead". Surely not? Please RT if you disagr…
RT @xZesko: RT if ur an OG and you remember this
RT @violet_hayley: RT if you would like to be my personal slave
RT @xZesko: RT if ur an OG and you remember this
RT @Gidi_Traffic: "@kaybest__: #BBNaijaFinale #BBNaija RT if you are happy that Miracle won Big Brother Naija
RT @trevorprosper: RT if you follow back Follow everyone Follow back Turn on notifications! #GainWithTrevor #TrapaDrive
RT @Lozolpls: lady spikers: nice our finals week is done! coach ramil: lol ur finals week is extended lady spikers: lol pls rt if u cryed
RT @perdizzion: rt if you’ve been personally victimized by todoroki implying that midoriya is “pretty powerful” to have helped him…
RT @fanmutualsbts: rt if u stan @BTS_twt Annyeong armys #PremiosMTVMiaw #MTVBRKPOPBTS #MTVLAKPOPBTS MASS VOTE ARMY ㅇ…
RT @DAIROCKETTO: rt if you're taller than andrew dobson
rt if you stan or love : - nine percent - exo - zhang yixing - nct (all units) - yuehua - oner - idol producer i’m looking for mutuals !!
RT @FaithandFootbal: RT if U want to see nearly every incumbent on both sides voted out and after one term do it again tolet the next one know we run this 🇺🇸!