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@Pi_pit__R 으앗..! 이래도 괜찮은걸...까요..?
Hoy me han llamado prepotente, soberbio y subido. 👍👍👍
RT @NASA: Where do those X-rays come from? This morning at 7:17am ET, a rocket was launched into the Alaskan sky to measure s… https://t.co/SUesPm0iRV
RT @Santiago_CD13: Se filtra póster de la película de Sonic para 2019 @ray_hedgehog @TsumikiTH @TheEscody @TanilloGame @CERO_PROFETA… https://t.co/1vIjD7umAO
RT @A9_Scotland: [TS] A9 A86 Overpass - Raliabeag - Snow gate CLOSURE 🔴: A9 is closed at the snow gate at Newtonmore due to adverse… https://t.co/nvqvAuzLok
RT @GraysonDolan: I miss vine a little bit
the bugs of the darkened sky begin to sing their song, my body lay to rest. my heart is at peace, its soothing beat… https://t.co/lyFkszLLxl
RT @baselalg: انه انسان يعيش في أماكن قاتلة مليانة سموم وامراض ممكن تقتله بعد هروبه من الحرب والموت في شي اسوء من كذا؟ ولا الفقر يالله الله يكون بعونهم
@Ray_Fkm @tinydeerguy Ah yes, the dadbod. 👌
RT @ASJBaloch: Hmmm🤔 Now I got the point why #PresidentTrump wants to control immigration. Hope she will reach one day. 🤣 https://t.co/HNZV079g6a
RT @Fashion_Alice01: 2400人の前でライブしませんか?スリジエ第2期生募集! 11月23日Zepp ダイバーシティワンマンLIVEに出れる! 雑誌RayやLARMEやJSガール掲載!衣装はピンクラテ!地上波テレビ番組レギュラー&映画出演! https://t.co/ebET77szoD
RT @theskyhighguy14: GIVEAWAY: ANY TOTY PLAYER OF YOUR CHOICE COURTESY OF EA! All you have to do to enter this giveaway is Re-tweet + L… https://t.co/7DJ8tQ5Y6P
RT @tackray: @realDonaldTrump Mr Trump don't back down. We want the wall and we want the "so called dreamers " gone also. I am a… https://t.co/upGk5936qW
RT @quetatoc: #Bondia ‘L’etoile de mer’, Man Ray, 1928 https://t.co/H3jhQMKTue
RT @NoleGameday: 3 out of the 4 NFL teams playing today will have a former #Nole starting at corner. #DBU
@bullyray5150 Yes bully Ray would work in wwe omg
Ana Carolina - Quem de nós dois❤️
@davemeltzerWON Can they freeze him like they did Ray and Bryan or no because he’s not injured?
RT @corantheman: someone asked for selfies so hi my names ray but my friends call me rat https://t.co/LxYAU2qLXt