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RT @excite33: sweetiesの皆様\(^o^)/ 私もツイさせてください!! ☝おめでとう🎊 #山下智久 #山P #コードブルー #コード・ブルー オリコンデイリー Blu-rayランキング 2019年03月19日付 | ORICON N… https://t.co/Tr7eSZAl5v
RT @HatfieldAnne: So where are we on shrink ray technology? Catch me up.
RT @tobiology_: ray is such a good character 👌💯 https://t.co/Z0OIMNiouJ
RT @taIIant: Wendy’s strawberry lemonade is hands down the best drink you can get from a fast food chain https://t.co/JSAhOkjnQZ
@ray_fyk 学者ではなく学者風の電波芸人なのでは。ただし、芸人としても大した才能がない上、自己管理が甘々なので、必ずやらかして仕事を干される、と。
Les Guichets du Louvre : roman... https://t.co/b2gBA8AoKF #rafle #Veld'Hiv #film #DVD #39-45Secondeguerremondiale… https://t.co/3zfbpawqAd
RT @_porraamika: "Não seja essa pessoa. Não seja egoísta a ponto de segurar uma pessoa na sua vida pra sustentar seu ego, sua indeci… https://t.co/UXhff7vi4x
RT @LaurenBott: I have decided to start this little ray of sunshine, despite having 3 other minis I need to finish. Why? Because sh… https://t.co/6IcqUBHkkN
RT @CasualEffects: Thursday 10am at GDC I'll be presenting new NVIDIA research on Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination. Real-time ray t… https://t.co/pqk4Ru8By2
@CodyRhodes Can’t wait for bully Ray to start a fuss 😂
RT @DwyaneWade: Tonight takes me back to 2013! I know yall remember that corner 3 by my brother Ray Allen ... #WadeBackWednesday… https://t.co/K3nMFjIVFf
@LOUISIANASPORT1 Nigga ray Allen and Kyrie saved Lebron before Lebron should be 1-8 in the finals he should’ve lost in 16 but he got lucky
4 of 5 stars to Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury https://t.co/t9mCSj2Pdh
Currently watching @theblackpanther on blu Ray
RT @M10_1899: Ray Hudson on Messi, one of the best descriptions on Messi i ever heard https://t.co/J9BldXgNfZ
RT @0cj4x52538x0j5p: オリコンデイリー Blu-rayランキング 2019年03月19日付 | ORICON NEWS https://t.co/yGb1JyEOER やっぱり1位だった🙌🏻 こうなると思ってました♡ 身体の奥から熱くなる作品だもの もっと伸びていくはず🙌🏻
RT @grovndzero: Happy #InternationalHappinessDay i love this rabid ray of pure rage and sunshine, he makes me rly happy 👏🤧💕 https://t.co/DvLXN1lQTH
Khalaibi video dinama ray hahahaahah dama baik ba yaw ya ........djarena mil
RT @_Hyperion4: Flowers are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out-values all the utilities of the world. #art Jesús Helguera https://t.co/t7OfTC3BLX
RT @hina_i7cos5: 【カメラマンさん募集】 ジャンルはNARUTO(BORUTO)です 日時:4/14(日) 場所:神戸リバーモール いの(大人ver.)→自分 いのじん→ゆきね(@yukine1508) の2名で参加するのですが、カメラマンさんを募集しております。 ↓条件等は続きのリプにて
@saitokazuyoshi 毎回、Blu-rayとCDを購入してます。ライブCDはキッチンで聴く必需品❗気分⤴⤴で家事もはかどる🎵