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ขอเพลงใหม่ด่า Trump หน่อยละกัน // ดีเจเอิร์ธ https://t.co/imfLPMywiF
@deec_nj @altclassic I had tickets for their "Rhyme and Reason 2000" tour with RATM. Still bummed about it being cancelled...
Video: Interview on live Sky #News for the RATM campaign https://t.co/FaJeNuslkh - For bookings to hear me speak drop me a tweet! #Speaker
〔定期〕/Dragonland/Green Day/Hyro Da Hero/Kamelot/Kasabian/Linkin Park/Muse/Nirvana/Papa Roach/RATM/RHCP/Rush/Skrillex/Van Halen/好きなの被ったらフォローミー
@maestraenfuga RATM es la banda de sonido el maestro Jipi Aguayo Is dead
28,99€ inkl. Versand Mad Catz R.A.T.M Wireless Mobile Gaming Maus für PC, Mac und mobile Endgeräte - Weiss https://t.co/ucbOTSlaQz
@Samahamusic @RATM BTW don't use music.ly for this plz
RT @Samahamusic: Night night bitches!!!! 😍😍🤘🏼Raaaaaaage!!! @RATM https://t.co/ssdyYiuGOq
@Samahamusic @RATM k I like RATM But this is frightening
A new favorite: Nirvana vs RATM vs Red Hot Chili Peppers vs Smashing Pumpkins - 90's Rock mashup (Wick-it) https://t.co/zyc1c5qicD
RT @Calum5SOS: Definitely saw @joshwithcon stage diving when me and @Ashton5SOS were singing RATM at frankies tonight lol \m/
@MadiDoman chill dude 😂😂😂😂😂
RT @washingtonpost: Neo-Nazis have declared New Balance the "Official Shoes of White People" https://t.co/pFPipheo7G
PV撮影時のエピソードも含めて、どこを切ってもRATM飴 #Sleep_Now_In_The_Fire
system of a down / toxicity (2nd, '01) アルメニア系アメリカ人というマイノリティから成る怒りのバンド。RATMを原型としたミクスチャーロックの究極異端最終進化体。
RT @Samahamusic: Night night bitches!!!! 😍😍🤘🏼Raaaaaaage!!! @RATM https://t.co/ssdyYiuGOq
보컬은 잭드라로차보다 크리스코넬 더 좋아하는데 합이 좋은건 ratm...
하지만 오디ㅗ슬레이브보다 ratm이 더 취향인건 여전함
....and this is a true story, because I did it and I was there. Ain't that right @TomMorello OR @RATM ...wherever Tom is, he can confirm.
Rage Against The Machine – “Bombtrack” Live in Brazil 2010 & PV https://t.co/8pcvSJB24B @RATM #ratm #metal #rock https://t.co/cu75BzrEP4
Zach de la Rocha (RATM): Si algo esta vacío, solo llénalo #TeSeguimos