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Comment on Как я разочаровался в Роджере Вере by RATM - команда Core хотя бы действует согласно интересОВ сохра... https://t.co/eTFh6TDKa8
Bought the Prophets of Rage EP yesterday. Scratches that RATM itch nicely.
One of the greatest gigs ever committed to film is now on DVD. It's RATM in London 2010 https://t.co/ZhbF4CIFqO https://t.co/ydxZsZeItJ
@flo_bing @Tololkian Gregory Coupet est fan de RATM. Ptetr un truc de gardiens...
Vidéo promo de #RadioRage, Tribute to @RATM ! En concert au Red Bar à Boulogne le 11/02 @VDN_Boulogne @semboulonnais https://t.co/leTL2hKMva
@fred_berruet ados urteko 364egunetan, ta noizbait RATM edo ezkerreko talde erreferente bat ekarri nahi badugu zer? Lobby-ari oparitu?
@ratm_snyu_ds おお!!!私まだ見てないから感想教えてね!!!!特に英雄王の!!!!!
@chrisrock I thought I was the only person in the world who thought Maggie Farm by @RATM is the illest
@ratm_snyu_ds 安心する、耐えるょ... わかる...他シリーズはFGOよりもマスターと鯖が相棒、一心同体感あっていいよねあとアレキサンダーくんかわいい
Reductions of up to 30% on ALL vintage band shirts! https://t.co/wBYukk2d13 #RATM #metallica #deftones #rbf #GreenDay
@ratm_snyu_ds わたしも...キャスターの推しからは貰えるから集めてるけど...アーチャー...ヴっ
@trfcpete hell of a booking getting the Libs, Coral AND Ratm.. you really are magic! https://t.co/LDWozuJpWs
gusto ko dn talaga maging bahista lol djk wahahahaha kahit nakapagcover lng ng take the power back ng RATM 1 time 😂
I liked a @YouTube video from @Annapocalypsee https://t.co/4IYlvUqrnJ Killing In The Name - RATM (Cover)
@killthenoise Kind of like the @RATM n @WuTangClan concert back in the days lol
le mec dans le texte d’allemand écoutait les foo fighters et RATM ça m'a motivée pour cette épreuve
@LizLarkinComic @RATM I've always loved "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me" https://t.co/CXPccbkHqg
Anyone else kinda think a more appropriate national anthem right now would be Rage Against the Machine's "Wake Up"? @RATM