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@Michael_Fabiano how do you feel about DeAngelo and Rashad Jennings for Hogan? He has Bell and wants the handcuff but won't do DA for Hogan
RT @LFC: ⚽ @JHenderson has won September's @premierleague Goal of the Month award for his stunning strike against Chelsea! https://t.co/yCQqRv5W8o
Now imma go swim with Rashad and hope that I won't drown since I am so tired
Trading him and Rashad Jones would be the smart play, so they obviously won't do it. https://t.co/N5AfBpFua8
RT @KingRvmsey: The Streets will always handle what the Police won't. Check out this photo of the killer who allegedly murdered B-m… https://t.co/3ZnfeCrO05
RT @drewlivingstud: This won't get a lot of attention. Tim Tebow laid hand on man who had a seizure and prayed. The man began to breat… https://t.co/rOi1y2gphN
RT @NtsindeIntle: "Isaiah Rashad 🔥" "Hey, I Won't Break Your Heart - Corrine Bailey Rae 🌸❤" "F.U.B.U guys 🔥😍🎈" https://t.co/M9xF0Nmvo9
"Isaiah Rashad 🔥" "Hey, I Won't Break Your Heart - Corrine Bailey Rae 🌸❤" "F.U.B.U guys 🔥😍🎈" https://t.co/M9xF0Nmvo9
mike.jones@washpost.com Did Rashad Ross lose his job as the Redskins KR even though he seemingly had won it in the preseason?
RT @FoxNews: .@mike_pence said @realDonaldTrump "stepped up and won a #debate last night that seemed to be against all odds."… https://t.co/ahSIrbLrEr
@The_RealTara @AJ_rashad Hey. It's ok. You don't need him. That's what I'm here for. If he won't act right I will. https://t.co/rh4rkIVpux
RT @louisepeaarce: great sex can fix a argument but won't cure a bad relationship..... Unless your rashad that is... He is amazing <3 __ <3
Why is that funny? He won the Heisman and 2 titles and arguably the best CFB player ever. I'll take it 😂😂 I sense a… https://t.co/Nu4KTGqXZx
@CFTreyNada @tyceUF @SECfootball And y'all still won't make the SEC title game after y'all lose to Bama Saturday 😂😂😂😂
New York Giants inactives: Rashad Jennings once again sidelined: Running back won’t play vs... https://t.co/ssk0Laxp2M #nfl #nyg #giants
"Report: Jennings (Thumb) Won't Play vs. Packers" via @BleacherReport App: #giants https://t.co/QC5LakVz3m
As expected, Rashad Jennings won't play tonight. Told me they're holding him back one more week. #NYvsGB #SNF
Looking for the light, searching for the life, You won't stop me from getting it. That's nothing you can do - The Life, DJ Rashad
RT @ClareDrugs: u won't find the right one until u let the wrong one go
RT @VancityReynolds: Totally! The Chicago Cubs won a playoff game. Anything happen on your end? https://t.co/jqvCs9JFtR
My heart is almost happy, Kentucky won... Just need UT to take the L
Rashad McCants: UNC Academic Fraud Scandal . I won't say a word https://t.co/MEXFl9tLyW
RT @CoShui: Why Stress Over Someone That Won't Even Text To See If You're Alright