Rapid mass traffic

RT @MsTexas1967: I stopped suddenly in traffic to think up a good double entendre but all I got was rear-ended
RT @newslaves2016: Comet Ping Pong just had someone in there with an AR. #pizzagate #pedogate Traffic camera that was facing restaurant moved. Convenient.
RT @DauntlessJaDine: Traffic is real talaga sa rotonda! 😬 #TIMYReadyForFuture
@pistachiocrafts There are major traffic delays downtown due to the parade. What's your stop number? ^MR
Traffic on 20 going towards Dallas is backed up like 20 miles..and at a stand still πŸ˜…
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I hate traffic
How much does optimizing #SEO on your images help drive traffic? https://t.co/jahw7N1WLP #AskGH
Medium Roadworks: Both ways around Bristol Terrace #Caerphilly #Traffic
RT @Loveforlife0323: @JLin7 πŸ‘» update~ Always traffic here... gonna be late to church lol πŸ˜… #manhattan #prayingforyou πŸ™β€¦ https://t.co/lWbxvukOP4
RT @DanielleMuscato: Getting a lot of Twitter traffic right now; want to take opp to say #BLACKLIVESMATTER, #NODAPL, & @realDonaldTrump is literally dangerous.
RT @uknowuremowhen: broadside -coffee talk -storyteller -playing in traffic -the simple type (@Broadsideva) https://t.co/La5ckNHqcS
12/4 @7:02pm Chelsea Street Bridge is Up and closed for traffic.
RT @GeorgiaTechFB: LISTEN to tonight’s @taxslayerbowl media teleconference, which included #GaTech AD Todd Stansbury and @GTPaulJohnson https://t.co/b2ltRabLS2
Walked to San Mateo, Rizal just to avoid the traffic in Batasan. πŸ˜‚
Ramp restrictions in #Framingham on Mass Pike WB at IC 13 - Rt-30 #traffic https://t.co/AoTr5OsSgQ
Minor Roadworks: Both ways between Lawn Avenue and Forest Street #Nottinghamshire #Traffic
Always fun going to NFL games but traffic sucks getting out πŸ˜’
Minor Roadworks: Both ways at Brookside Way #Nottinghamshire #Traffic
RT @TheFactsBook: Listening to soothing or sad music while in a traffic jam lowers blood pressure and stress, according to a study.
Minor Roadworks: Both ways between Viaduct Street and St John's Road #WestYorkshire #Traffic
Medium Roadworks: Both ways near Hoyle Ing #WestYorkshire #Traffic
Long-term road construction in #Weston on Mass Pike Both EB/WB at IC 14 - Rt 128 #traffic https://t.co/AoTr5OsSgQ
Medium Roadworks: Westbound at A5026 #Flintshire #Traffic #J31