Rapid mass traffic

Stuck in traffic 😩😩😩 in a tiny ass road
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RT @ISPEvansville: Warrick: Update - Traffic signal at SR66 at Frame is actually flashing red in all directions. Be patient.
@Jaysmithjay The Traffic Commissioner can revoke HGV entitlements for this offence.
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We have received reports of a traffic incident near the intersection of Brightwood Pl and White Oak Rd.
Stuck in traffic, food truck starts selling tacos https://t.co/egaEzKYQVe https://t.co/xRgC8BVRlZ
Seattle promised a manual for traffic meltdowns in 2015. It was never written. (via @MikeLindblom & @davidlgutman) https://t.co/DGjONfV1dt
DUBLIN GRADE: WB 580 B4 Eden Canyon Rd. An 8 vehicle crash is on the shoulder with traffic backed to San Ramon Rd. https://t.co/YHiEZJZcMA
Very impressed to watch a @WestMidsFire officer get out his car at traffic light this AM & ask driver in front to stop using their mobile.
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UPDATE: Lane re-opened traffic remains slow https://t.co/7sFWPozG5u
Ask a veteran traffic cop...there is no such thing as an accident. It is always negligence.
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A pedestrian captured this photo of a #chp officer performing a #trafficbreak to slow traffic for an object in the… https://t.co/0DpKYeru5x
RT @juliewbee: After intense inspection, we've determined that this pothole/utility hole has been filled by stuffing it with a tra… https://t.co/fbNwOGzrzz
traffic is kuhrazzzzy
@megwalsh05 thank you! 🎤🎧🎤🌟👏Traffic sucks but great to catch up on @realcrimeprofil @audible_com books! #RCP
@_After5 @Girlish_lava_ Standing on a queue waiting for the BRT bus to come, hassle for change and the usual na, Lagos traffic
RT @LagunaNPatch: Traffic Alert: SIG Alert Announced On 405 Northbound At 133 https://t.co/2v2gInSYdx
Accident, two lanes blocked in #Warwick on I 95 NB after Rt-4 N Merge #traffic https://t.co/8Iu0AzX4Av