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representation of my face when that happens https://t.co/1qiDGZBlIE
Nao gosto do Juiz Rangel mas convenhamos que não faz sentido o Estado atraves do MP levantar incidente de suspeição contra 1 juiz do Estado.
says one of the most corrupt members of congress https://t.co/IarIm9gKYu https://t.co/udUpgXCnys
RT @wolfgang_bernal: Youuuuuuuuu, you got what I neeeeeed
RT @girlposts: "Mom, I missed the school bus" https://t.co/vawKBwACAh
RT @lxrryperff: 12.- Si ya saben como me pongo... https://t.co/E4URLNWxs9
@GtDiaryProject Pleased to have caught this segment on BBCBreakfast. To answer that q, I keep diaries and have my whole life! Love this idea
#Regionales #Trujillo Rangel Silva: “Este proyecto tendrá la tarea de pacificar al municipio Valera” https://t.co/4tf0rIc7Iq
RT @TypicalGlRL: When the car behind u honks right when the light changes to green https://t.co/HRNo2CFLKL
Mami si me vas hacer tweets me mencionas pajua.
RT @SoReIatable: I need a best friend like this https://t.co/3WD56kHHRG
@Aurea_Rangel Regina Maria acorda, n qr ficar sozinha lá euen
El Fundación Cajasol Sporting recupera a Nayeli Rangel para jugar ante el Atlético de Madrid @sportinghuelva https://t.co/9F3C1eHWaQ
Yo llego tres mil horas después:(
RT @_ThatGuyT: Question: Would you say that "Child Labor" is synonymous with "Child Slave Labor"?
RT @Yosneidychacon: Cállate que sino, te amenazó con subir la foto que yo misma pedí porque soy facilita, loca y psicópata. https://t.co/4DoIA5atJ2
RT @_ThatGuyT: If you could bring one of these people back to life and co-host a podcast with them, who would you pick? (Vote & RT)
sky diving is on the bucket list this year
Tanto faz pra mim, enfim tô bem de boa haha