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@Beelze_mc bronce 1 "WWE Randy Orton" agrega
John Cena & Randy Orton battle the entire Raw roster: Raw, March 17, 2008 https://t.co/GIZ48bv7sM
After Winning from Bray Wyatt WWE Superstar Randy Orton again Challenged Brock Lesnar for Heavyweight... https://t.co/AJwEYAQYKF
Seems like we're getting Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt in a casket match at #SurvivorSeries #WWE
@SJTheJumper they should pit Corbin against Bray after he finished feuding with Randy Orton
RT @shamoharrow: 1- Jeff Hardy qui saute du 5e étage pour niquer la mère a Randy Orton https://t.co/HexT73gIan
WWE Smаckdоwn LIVE 19 Оctоber 2016 Highlights randy Orton Kane Bray Wyatt AJ Styles James Dean: https://t.co/1v5n1MbMOz via
but @WWE how is there not even one Randy Orton vs Undertaker match?? https://t.co/8SFVUukGsu
@jessicalissie No es X, es Randy Orton! Estrella de la WWE! Que nivel de pretendientes manejas! 😱😱😱 jajajajaja
RT @OffGoldenDK: January 2017 (Year 2) Week 4 - Royal Rumble One-On-One - Intercontinental Championiship Golden D.Killer vs. Randy Orton
C'était mon catcheur préférer Randy Orton 😂
RT @MD75019: 9. Randy Orton la vipère franchement il avait trop de folw ce btr, sa rivalité avec triple H moments inoubliables c… https://t.co/HJsLGR1Bma
Hey guys, here's 2008 Hillary Clinton telling @WWE supporters to call her "Hill-Rod" and threaten Randy Orton https://t.co/khDXR9kBLL
Randy Orton still doing the all lives bit? Still missing the point we tryna make? Smh
RT @WWE__History: September 18th 2011. @TheMarkHenry beat Randy Orton to win the World Title, the last title win of his career. #WWE https://t.co/L8lrwD8NbU
10 Randy Orton & Kane vs Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper Full Match WWE Smackdown Live 11 October 2016: https://t.co/uiBUuPMqvD via @YouTube
@CarryOnWrestlin @InnerN3rd the randy orton build up was just painful
If you remember this song, your childhood was OUTSTANDING! Randy Orton's breakthrough theme in 2005! https://t.co/fp6grZITSn
G pour Gwendoline, Orton pour Randy Orton et 21 pour mon âge. https://t.co/feZg0uLasn
Randy Orton vs JBL in a Loser Leaves Town match at #WrestleMania
January 2017 (Year 2) Week 4 - Royal Rumble One-On-One - Intercontinental Championiship Golden D.Killer vs. Randy Orton
Bila tgk WWE ni mesti fade up je. This week randy orton gaduh dgn john cine bagai nak perang. Next week, korang dua pula berbaik. Pemaaf 😑
"WWE 2K17 Randy Orton VS John Cena VS Triple H VS Big Show RAW 2009" : https://t.co/0yDNzzurMg via @YouTube
@FastbalI @hotdogwally1324 then randy orton is going to slither out of no where and rko your ass https://t.co/cxlmaekfXo
@TimKailWrites considering Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler's political stances, does it effect your enjoyment or can you separate man from work?