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RT @Natusik16: ♥When I reach out, U take my hand When I need, U tenderly provide When I smile, U mirror the expression AndUwonder… https://t.co/DfbXCze1sv
¡Que buena canción! Chalice - Good To Be There https://t.co/oV6ARpOuG6 @DeezerMexico ♪ I♥ Deezer
I <3 bagels
RT @MalditaHirka: A mi no me engañan, las pinches femininazis hackearon tw porque no querían que felicitaramos a los hombres, FELIZ #DiaDelHombre amikos I<3U
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I <3 the @nytimes. https://t.co/YcTygO4XI4
RT @minelachina: 🎶 I ♥ MÚSICA 🎤 ¡Bonito día y semana para todos! 😍 https://t.co/tn2hRa25h3
@RaulEEsparza @YouTube Great cause and I <3 your commitment! Happy birthday, by the way! 😙
¡Que buena canción! Tesla - Love Song https://t.co/vvhiz81CaO @DeezerMexico ♪ I♥ Deezer
kostobdinfo@gmail.com I ♥ x https://t.co/V7cnGQT2mu
RT @stretchingabuck: This video shows how @DoveChocolate is made. I <3 chocolate, & found this facinating! https://t.co/pCqwX6Fw3d #WhatMakesDove #ad
I <3 my college friends so much
RT @tweetsbystephy: Someone had written "I <3 u" on my car windscreen 🤔🤔
RT @J_aa_p: Mooi, zijn we eindelijk van @NederPiet af. I <3 #RTL
@MorgynWoehrmann @zainegv1 @59machine Well done! I <3 your mitochondria! Have you finished Type 1 and Type 2 yet?
La faute à De Boer ! Photo prise chez I ♥ Internazionale Milano 1908 https://t.co/kzaIXhn5DL https://t.co/wTaUUQbhcd