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@algiff The promos as the Mexican aristocrat, and him fueding with JBL, coming out in fancy cars I through worked but then he got lost.
šŸ“· vintagegeekculture: Brontosaurus on the rampage from ā€œThe Lost Worldā€ (1925) https://t.co/LwFJkFg9oe
I saw you...I wanted you...I got you...I liked you...I loved you...I lost you...I miss you.
RT @morietnecole: Lost Zaynutti and nobody will ever replace em in my eyes youll always be one of the greatest.
I thought I lost my phone so I was finna tweet about how I lost my phone while holding my phone that I thought was lost. Life wild sometimes
@LogicxnLNPF @SvG_Jewels @BulldogPatto @LudsterLL oh thought we was doing wagers... I'm lost šŸ˜‚
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/j79NqmVsQb The Lost World: Jurassic Park OST - Base Camp Rampage
@ColleenLavelle1 @INDXT the irony is lost on this one...I would classify running down Aboriginal kids as a bit of a rampage hey?
@Naomiixox we lost him at rampage and told him to meet us at Mc D'z then the phone stopped ringing šŸ˜¢
@JohnMcCarthyMMA @Jno48go5 Rampage power bombed Sakuraba and still lost
@lamzyco @aroueno @lolafinesse Bruv I dunno where I was, I see her at rampage then after that I was lost in the matrix
Boiiiiiiiiiiii I lost youuuu in that rampage mesd https://t.co/xWQq8zekfC
2016's murderous rampage continues. We've lost true heroes this year. We must all endeavor to become new ones.
Happy IMay made it to worlds but sad Splyce, Cloud 9 and Rampage lost today.
RAMpage had a great game! Even though they lost they made the other team work hard for the win! https://t.co/2UJX9p8S2W
RT @FoulBoyNuttiLrg: I done lost so many real niggas ion trust niggas so i keep my distance from niggas šŸ’Æ
@HostileJDee lost me soooooo much money in the past
@jackinabox42 @Raw_BradleyJ regardless to structure you played an easy beatable and lost twice
@Bulldog_Rampage @Raw_BradleyJ lucendi gaming played the same team twice and lost they were close games as well snd they are out
@jackinabox42 @Raw_BradleyJ to play 3 games and you lost 2? Win 1 of them and these tweets are completely different?
@jackinabox42 @Raw_BradleyJ appreciate that but the team you played and lost to twice were easily beatable you just chocked
We won our third game 13-1 against rocket city rampage and lost our final game against @Freaksultimate 13-4
I went on a pun rampage and I think I lost like... five friends. #WorthIt