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RT @AmirRozali: Muslim girls: Ramadan ni nak puasa penuh lah :) Their menstrual cycle: https://t.co/JommMeo2x3
RT @_moh_mm_d: 📁Ramadan └📁 Last Ten Days └📁 Laylat al-Qadr └📁 Blessings └⚠️ This file is too big to open
RT @IslamAndLifeOFC: Please #donate to our #JustGiving page for #Ummah #Welfare Trust in offering food & #medicalaid to #Yemen & #Syria.… https://t.co/u18obFDTGq
@Nestle_IDN Tips Ramadan sehat ala keluargaku adalah : 1. Jangan melewatkan sahur 2. Menu makan sahur yang sehat 3.… https://t.co/W5uMPqzehs
RT @SeydinaOumar28: En ce Mois béni du Ramadan, nos Soeurs sont tellement pieuses, s'habillent correctement et se tiennent tellement bi… https://t.co/ua1P7r7QOT
RT @justmalabthings: me and my bestie on our way to grab some food outside since we’re sharing the same menstrual cycle during ramadan https://t.co/QFxuHFuFKh
RT @kjibril9: Some things to do during the last 10 days of Ramadan that are extremely beneficial (a thread)
RT @Megatronche: Les jnouns quand tu bois la tasse à la piscine pendant le ramadan https://t.co/QZI6vrbjok
@numb15 @KingstonLibDems @RBKingston And 4,176 people seem to think May and the Tories did an excellent job of delivering Brexit 🤦🏽‍♀️
RT @vxogued: In the final days of Ramadan, may Allah answer your prayers, wipe away your tears, erase your fears and lift you to… https://t.co/cIIlgFeTuo
RT @IslamAndLifeOFC: #LaylatulQadr equates more than 83 years & 4 months of whatever good deeds executed in the night. More likely to f… https://t.co/aUTwq3NY9Y
RT @Imamofpeace: In Islam, you’re not allowed to fast if you’re travelling, ill, etc. - and you make up for the missed days before n… https://t.co/o3Y6BVKpZf
RT @Mabzzz01: Alhamdulilah for another year on this earth. Alhamdulilah for being able to fast another Ramadan.
RT @Hanony06369433: @UNrefugees Did you know? How many occasions have passed on Iraqi asylum seekers and refugees while they have been… https://t.co/9w7rmH3wmi
RT @aizuddinhamid: Nak buat baik tu senang... tapi nak istiqamah tu yg susah. Kalau hari pertama, minggu pertama Ramadan, kita mmpu… https://t.co/Ex3I50a7Xm
RT @acaiijawe: Sapa berkelapangan 10 malam terakhir Ramadan, bolehlah Qiyam kat Masjid Saudi di Taman U Thant. Ini tempat konsula… https://t.co/NXSqwEK0ZC
RT @YungMamacita__: ”Why is Ramadan going by so fast?” because we are FASTING https://t.co/gujll1M0OJ
@Escoco_ Apres le ramadan on pose un tete ca yest
RT @MidadNewsTV: وثائقي فرنسي يكشف حقيقة #طارق_رمضان حفيد مؤسس تنظيم #الإخوان وجرائمه بحق 4 نساء في فرنسا وسويسرا المصدر:… https://t.co/WRaQ2VJVfH
@washafatii Ramadan Kareem baban yarinya
RT @alexandrecalvez: Que répondre aux commentaires qui me reprochent de boire du jus d'orange en vidéo en période de ramadan ?
RT @don_sido_: Quand tu veux insulter pendant le ramadan https://t.co/Pke7UQwYSe
RT @wimaalten: In Nijmegen biedt een kliniek tijdens de ramadan gratis besnijdenis aan. Dat volwassen mannen dat laten doen, hun k… https://t.co/XHU61rJUYJ
@IBenkhelouf @DuPouvoirDachat #BenoitHamon l'homme qui mange des kebabs pendant le ramadan en terrasse 😂😂👍
RT @cafreeland: Tonight in #Toronto, Muslim and non-Muslim Canadians are taking part in the Ramadan tradition of sharing a meal at… https://t.co/AmIM3OG8wQ