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RT @AamnaBashirCH: Twitter k 2 baray rondo Aadi Or Scientist k liye aaj k din Khushi say bhara Tha aik ki mangni or dosray ko Gold Madle Blessings 4 both 😊😊😊
お目めの瞼と瞼を合わせてお休み なーむー
RT @BleacherReport: The entire league is on another level. https://t.co/iQhTyL9mIP
Don't even seem like ball played so bad but looked offensively timid reminds me of Rondo but bigger scoring threat
竹上久美子full album「助走とロンド」に、沢山のアーティスト/関係者の皆さんからコメントをいただきました。 下記特設サイトでご紹介しています。 https://t.co/n6KqhgAVMG
@THPFC U9B playing a warm up Rondo. It isn't the secret. But all start from the Rondo to progress to Positional and… https://t.co/R6K5vCUMjv
@jacobpitman7 @albeardallday he looks like a tired aged Rajon rondo
私が選ぶノールック&ビハインドパスtop5 1...Stave Nash, Rajon Rondo 3...Chris Poul, LeBron James 5...Deron Willams
RT @TheNBAMonster: Rajon Rondo utiliza la espalda de Robert Covington como aliada 👏👏 https://t.co/xpCiclgBKY
Aktywiści przemianowali Rondo Dmowskiego na Rondo Uchodźców. #RefugeesWelcome #niedamysiepodzielic #Warszawa… https://t.co/K5IVUvmlhp
I just sing that Ghana Rondo
【時報】 ガイラルディア「うわっビックリした!お前早起きなのな〜!もしかして徹夜?何でもいいや。僕依頼受けに行くからアキレアくんによろしくね〜」
John Macdonald - Festival Rondo
@OMJoeel tío que habéis echo en la última rondo Lmao😂
RT @femaleatlhawk: @TheyLoveMyEther Garrett, Pierce, and Allen..those 3 around Rondo
RT @TheyLoveMyEther: @femaleatlhawk Rondo was a 1st yr starter at 21. In his second yr as a pro w/Championship or bust expectations. Showed high IQ at all times.
RT @femaleatlhawk: @TheyLoveMyEther An example would be Rondo..he had Garrett/Pierce/Allen molding him..Dennis doesnt!
너 수영 못 하지-?
I liked a @YouTube video from @djvlad https://t.co/RPwi5qFrO7 Tay 600 on L'A Capone Murder, Getting Snatched Up into Cdai & Rondo's
RT @NiggazStruggles: Giroud out faites rentrer Benzemaaaaa
思いでの中でだけ 素直になれたんだ