Rainy days

Do we appreciate the sun more because of rainy days?

RT @underchilde: I need you on rainy days and on days when it never rains.
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@mynamisamo rainy days........ for me it's calming. The sound of the rain. y'know what I mean?
Rainy days huwaw makaiyak nga
Rainy days and mondays tumutugtog ngayon what a coincidence
RT @sarki34: Rainy days are dangerous
Happy Rainy Monday!! Keep a smile on your face and weather the storm! Sunny days are coming😍
Rainy days are dangerous
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Sunshine gone come w rainy days Codeine take the pain away
rain rain go.... forget it I LOVE RAINY DAYS WANNA SLEEP ALL DAY 💤
RT @underchilde: I need you on rainy days and on days when it never rains.
RT @Sharon_Drummond: Day 25: gimiwan (It is rainy.) Each day for 100 days I will draw and animate an Ojibwe word or phrase using Keynot… https://t.co/kKTi2TzFS9
let's get lost in a world made of books, coffee & rainy days
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