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RT @campus_staff: 【Web更新】『Deep Love Diary -恋人日記-』公式サイトを更新! 『恋のABCキャンペーン』を開始しました! 奮ってご応募くださいっ!https://t.co/OcZTrXfibl https://t.co/JcPUWtenq4
A day without you is like a year without rain 🎵 #TB
RT @slmhktn: Irak'ın ilk Kralı 1. Faysal'ın Ağustos 1921'de tahta çıkma töreni... Etrafında Iraklılar değil, İngilizler var... https://t.co/gRb6f8hwmD
The rain is smashing it down, you can hardly see anything and still you have bellends driving with no lights on!!!!
I am actually wearing a full length plastic bag #bagsintrees #poncho #rainhttps://t.co/o2nXrF26CP
RT @Itsyounotme_x: Oh so you guys are complaining about the rain ??? But you guys were complaining about the sun which one do you want ?
RT @rumi_narita: 電ちゃんは嫌いな食べ物も残さず食べるのです #週一第六漫画 https://t.co/evCJYKnmmI
@yatenn_rain 地味に行ったことないんですよね 今度行きます
Window is open, the rain is falling, I'm reading a book and everything is cozy 🍁 Thankyou Autumn for finally arriving 😊
@LaurieTatum2 yous lucky. I don't like rain
RT @HiGH_LOW_PR: 【HiGH&ROHTO Z!キャンペーン】 ロートZと映画「HiGH&LOW THE RED RAIN」がタッグを組んだキャンペーン、まだまだ実施中! 要チェック! https://t.co/1cYInYEZHF https://t.co/p9Jolu1WRX
RT @chintskap: Ranbir seems to be playing pranks behind my back. Rain was the spoilt sport but so what? Ganpati Bappa Morya!!! https://t.co/8a97BiFh4w
RT @eemilytann: Texas Tech is about to host one of the largest Wet T-Shirt Contest this weekend bc there is a 70% chance of rain & it's a white out game...
RT @fennec_kama: 180cmある龍みたいなドラゴンカイト引越してしまったままだけど…! 動画のがリアルでいいなぁ https://t.co/UAum1jKnZq
RT @EMTG_ChibaNew: AMUSE CRAFT様よりE.M.T.G3rdの開催を記念した、特製ナツイロココロログステッカーをご提供頂きました。参加エントリー者に配分予定です。物販ブースではマグネットステッカー二種をメインに販売予定との事です。#EMTG3 https://t.co/qDIFVzpigl
@douglasnoble @juliascheele (Not that I heard it; still at my parents and it didn't actually rain here) https://t.co/O8WlCs9pzE
RT @jsb3_official: 【HiGH&ROHTO Z!キャンペーン】 ロートZと映画「HiGH&LOW THE RED RAIN」がタッグを組んだキャンペーン、まだまだ実施中! ↓要チェックです! https://t.co/75pGzhxygX https://t.co/hd085vCr3d
I love Autumn, but cba with this shitty rain
@vkumarck @SChakravorthy ignoring past..why dont you save current rain water and fill yur cauvery now and be futuristic?! #TamilNaduBandh