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RT @2LOAdaCyPZ4rx0a: @WishUsLuckTeam I like March, its rain, its sun, and its you. 喜欢三月,喜欢三月的雨,喜欢三月的太阳,最喜欢的还是三月的你💙💚 cr.logo… https://t.co/cYS6DAtF4v
@aska_rain 両方民ですー!!!
RT @crlockha: I often think about the time my ex thought I was cheating on him with a craft store https://t.co/wPBsprSrLm
午前:ポメラニアン 午後:保険の見直し こんな1日、頭がついていかない。
洗濯物終わったら作業しよう。 アニメ見ながら((
On my end there was mistakes made I had too much pride to take blame The moment my fame came my ways changed I coul… https://t.co/4EfFuZXXkb
@MassageFox いや、いらないっすよ。中国や北朝鮮を想定してるなら、イージス艦のほうが200倍役立つ。アメリカから来るミサイルは防げるけど(笑)。
RT @Edge_Market: Just another week to go before we're back for our Spring market. Come and join us on the 24th March 2019, 12-4pm. B… https://t.co/Aa0nTpRJlH
RT @1011_News: With rain in the forecast, people who live in North Bend say they pray that won't send more water from the Platte R… https://t.co/WMEw9IIIzB
Day 3 of captures. Seven animals before freezing rain rolled in and shut us down. Labelled and entered data for 3 h… https://t.co/v4YFNhrYaI
@Rain_8_DQ10 こちこそありがとうございます!
I’m sad that it’s going to rain this week
RT @scott_kerr: Power lines are crushed with the weight of four days of accumulated freezing rain in Quebec, Canada in January 1998… https://t.co/rXfmUxz8ZF
RT @Komori04081: You say you like rain, but when it rains you open your umbrella. You say you like sunshine, but when it shines you… https://t.co/osEzzNsl34
The Rain Man (Kim Peek), was the only savant known to science who could read 2 pages of a book simultaneously – one with each eye.
RT @iSurhailo: I asked my 4 year old niece 'Meye sunan ruwa da turanci she said “Rain” i said no !! ruwan sha she said “Pure water' 😂😂😂😂
Malaysia’s 4 seasons r hot, rain, very HOT and now HAZE.. https://t.co/J4SLDbkP0W
RT @Loving_Earth__: California after rain lake Elsinore area [2098*1987](OC) https://t.co/LTWkQkvFqG
RT @lastvibes: “Be strong now, because it will get better. It may be stormy now, but it can't rain forever.”
RT @kandorastart: ★4/24(水) 「<The man in the Rain> ゴニル Fanmeeting in 2019」 (DATV) https://t.co/RkP5WAemnv
幕間でやれって話だが イベントにするならもっとちゃんとした話が良かった
RT @Poojaaaaa_: weather, please rain . We love you 😫
RT @liliumnikki: コメントが最高。今年イチ笑った。 https://t.co/5adw2otGEG