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イルソーレ「今日もフシャのやつはサボりかおのれ!!妾が探しに行ってやろう!!!」 イルソーレ「寝とった…」
@thehistoryguy @DrLucyRogers Yes! Fearless Girls, Wise Women and Beloved Sisters, an anthology of stories by Kathleen Ragan.
Ragan Whiteside - On The Dance Floor f/ Porter Carroll, Jr. https://t.co/1G8cqByf3L #nowplaying #listenlive
RT @Team_FRM: Ragan tells reporters that @Team_FRM has only a handful of unsold races left this year. Best partnership year ever. https://t.co/pFtw7sKC3s
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my full name is jacey caroline ragan but if ppl see my initials they get confused & in the 2nd grade i wanted to be edgy & spelled it J.C.
RT @gcpioneers: Welcome Eric Ragan '12 as Grinnell's new volleyball coach!! https://t.co/ZbTNXO17ux @GrinnellCollege @MWCSports… https://t.co/EFy3hrwZ1D
RT @GrinnellVB: GCVB would like to give a warm welcome to Eric Ragan, who has been chosen as our new head coach!
@RaganWhiteside Thanks Ragan. I'm so sad. He was one of my favourites. You must be very too.
@RAGAN_sou 笑笑 話変わるねんけど、漢検の合否ってどうやって分かった?