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god damn i think im rachel ray
Gonna Have You Going Back For Seconds? Rachel Ray just slammed Barefoot Contessa with a Dehydrated Crock Pot
Sure To Knock Your Socks Off? Mom just slammed Rachel Ray with a Roasted Wok
dont ever talk shit about rachel ray!! anne burrell!!!
I can't stop thinking about Rachel ray
RT @Steakcityliars: My buddy Rachel Ray taught me a lot about cooking but mostly about loving myself.
RT @markiplier: Both our teams won best cocktail and best taco respectively! RACHEL RAY SAID WE WERE GOOD!! 😄😄😄 https://t.co/aGYSW1LICs
'On the sand, half-sunk A shatter'd visage lies' My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings.. https://t.co/ofvXhSLoRu
Rachel Ray's Easy-Bake Oven Spicy Steak is Sure to Knock Your Socks Off!
Rachel Ray & Bill Murray
Gonna Have You Going Back For Seconds? Rachel Ray just slammed Famous Dave with a Roasted Crock Pot
Who is Rachel Ray & why is she so popular? I see her on cook books & tv, but find her grating w/ no substance. Is she trailer park Martha S?
@BrettSBaker Rachel Ray? Come on, she didn't even eat the wings
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I can watch Rachel Ray cook all day.
@auliicravalho Hi. You are on Rachel Ray right now. Promoting Drama High. Thanks.
I made an omelet and now I'm acting like I'm Rachel ray
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RT @wheresalt: weezer is playing a free show at a bbq joint in austin for sxsw and rachel ray is hosting it oh my GOD this was made for ME
RT @SXSWMF: Weezer, De La Soul, Action Bronson, Margo Price to Headline Rachel Ray's 10th SXSW Feedback Party https://t.co/cpEnPeioSI via @billboard
Rachel ray cooking show be lit! I love her!
Rachel Ray's Dehydrator Candied Steak is Gonna Be the Next Potluck Favorite!
Made me a pot of pasta in under 30 minutes. Tune in next week for Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals, I'll be featured😂🔥