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RT @audible_com: In moments both funny and bittersweet, Rachel McAdams brings #AnneOfGreenGables to life for a new generation.… https://t.co/5OznqNUiUN
Rachel McAdams - 2015 ESPYS in Los Angeles https://t.co/uNZlsb6ykT #RachelMcAdams
I'm really happy Rachel Mcadams had more than one hit movie. She's amazing and deserves success. 🗣🗣
RT @TheRock: As the #SexiestManAlive I was asked about my celebrity crushes. Rachel McAdams, Jennifer Lopez..… https://t.co/ZZJfgMhIHP
I wonder if Rachel McAdams a.k.a the loml, headbangs to Herobust as much as i do🤔
#RachelMcAdams Elle, June 2011, Rachel McAdams: $6.50 End Date: Friday Dec-23-2016 21:58:08 PST… https://t.co/tED42Jx8L8 #Canadian #Celebs
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/OL4jK33K7B Rachel McAdams Plays 'How Well Do You Know?' with Sister Kayleen McAdams | THR Beauty
@Feespandora si tengo, ponme una de Rachel McAdams y lloro inconsolablemente hhah
RT @audible_com: Transport yourself to picturesque Prince Edward Island in #AnneOfGreenGables performed by Rachel McAdams.… https://t.co/WFh58M5yG6
Rachel McAdams in Jeans out in Los Angeles https://t.co/isdl0gN1jl #RachelMcAdams
*watches movie where Rachel McAdams plays love interest to a guy* Cody:" THATS NOT RYAN GOSLING!!"
Rachel McAdams Narrates Anne of Green Gables https://t.co/eqDba6fHcB
Rachel McAdams at the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon in New York City, July 2015 https://t.co/HLp6XRkhj0 #RachelMcAdams
Me acabo de enterar que Rachel McAdams tiene 38 años. OSEA QUE CARAJOS! Yo crei que tenía 25 por ahi. He vivido una… https://t.co/8xi5c752Tr
How have I just realised that it is Rachel McAdams that plays Regina George????
Rachel McAdams at the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon in New York City, July 2015 https://t.co/EPiFEO67ZX #RachelMcAdams