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RT @SonestaHotels: A fairytale #wedding at @RoyalSonestaHou that #Houston is still talking about! https://t.co/Rf6RJpt6vz https://t.co/3QdpPNbRdd
@esclitoC Fight song by rachel plattens
@FlorenML @MuriCersosimo Y otra donde Joey no salga Rachel.
RT @MaddowBlog: Why now, five days before Robert Mueller's prosecutors make recommendations for the sentencing of George Papadopoul… https://t.co/SDGo7PFLzz
@rachshabi @GuySmallman Rachel I do believe and every decent and sensitive labour member does too. But what I would… https://t.co/Xiz8Vuf6W5
Giuliani finds new ways to raise doubts about his credibility https://t.co/emUwprtLV2 via @MSNBC
RT @skamoons: rachel: ir pra paris ou ficar em ny? eu: paris óbvio rachel: voltando pra casa da monica eu: https://t.co/T39R4Trxrn
Rachel Foxx Monroe @Rachel_F_Monroe Just a hard working college girl 👩‍🎓dinner and travel companion ✈️happiness co… https://t.co/QHXXppXjJ4
RT @marvelx1D: 📂documentos └📁pornô └📁 pornô pesado └📁 pornô pesado demais └ 📁 reação do joey qua… https://t.co/PapDhatpVy
@r_jacz Amazing. Have a great experience Rachel. Btw, will be at Septembers comedy night for sure x
RT @N_AurelJKT48: Thank you for today... ketemu lagi sabtu yahhh 🤗, ada foto sama center ai no iro hari ini @Rachel_JKT48 https://t.co/610y0u4rBo
@rachel_tlw @ShawnFinchum @marc_guglielmo @Jared_Carrabis houston was a gary sanchez play at the plate away from lo… https://t.co/sUVYSRLKZW
rachel and i were listening to bodak yellow over breakfast and my sis came in and was like "why does rachel dance l… https://t.co/ojVezhaCGI
Jangan bandingkan orang yg mencintaimu dengan masa lalumu. Hargai dia yg kini berusaha membuatmu bahagia. Rachel_JKT48
@thirlyroses happy birthday Rachel! Have a great day :) x
@TBoisseauATX @matthewjdowd @CNN @MSNBC Gotta watch cable news if you want more in-depth knowledge. I watch msnbc i… https://t.co/4KocFUMGB4
You guys, check out the Create Loud Podcast that I got to be featured on! Thank you Rachel Robison for coming to my… https://t.co/7SpnAWmmKJ
@dvorakoelling @Libradad It'll be on YouTube and on demand to watch repeats of Rachel
No matter what one thinks of Donald Trump, it's important that he have competent legal counsel. Rudy Giuliani's la… https://t.co/mH63NPDTIN
RT @globalnative_: Sir John A. Macdonald: 5 Frightening Facts About Our First Prime Minister https://t.co/hSXAoOpeCj
Why you lying. It’s still down https://t.co/gheDis0pMZ
@CHILDOFTIME__ Oui son état était absolument pathétique. Finalement il arriva prêt de Rachel qui était assise au b… https://t.co/Vew5pBlOBI
RT @MSNBC: .@MaddowBlog: While signing a bill named after John McCain, it would've cost Donald Trump nothing to be gracious to… https://t.co/t9cn8NJuK6