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RT @williamlegate: @GDouglasJones You’re taking for granted the support of the people who fought so hard to get you elected in a ridic… https://t.co/RNUIaPUn7Z
RT @MWDVOLadies: Yung kahit wala naman sa photos si Maymay pero naka-tag pa rin. Lakas makafanboy netong jowa mo @maymayentrata07!… https://t.co/ysRBIhPh7j
@FuckingSharmxn Ícone fashion rainha da ironia pode entrar Rachel
RT @meggie_millz: I said all I needed to say last night. I’ve shown messages between me and Ashley to defend Austin and show Rachel’s… https://t.co/fvZLGQvJCK
RT @Education4Libs: What kind of a MONSTER would want to lower our taxes, secure our borders, protect the citizens, create jobs, raise… https://t.co/e8xEd8T8wc
Saya suka video @YouTube https://t.co/6V5ubKzM7b [Teaser ver.] Twice - Heart Shaker Dance Cover by Rachel Florencia
@datemasamuneike もうおやすみしてました…… ンンンンンありがとうございます……
RT @jnice_ice: Texas schools as vines a thread cuz I’m bored
*has never heard of celebrity Rachel Bloom
*driving down Leavenworth* Vicki: might have to throw up in the Panera bathroom before we eat Me: wait, you have… https://t.co/dk0ob4Bly3
RT @friendsarchive_: flirt like joey dress like rachel clean like monica live like phoebe care like ross joke like chandler https://t.co/wMU8ehaloZ
RT @scarletheart29: Nakakaramdam na ako ng pa-caption pag nasa Germany na sila. Edwardoooo ginagalingan mo talaga! ♡♡♡♡ MAYWARDThankful SUNDAY
RT @alex_mallin: .@POTUS was just asked on the South Lawn about special counsel obtaining transition emails. "Not looking good, not… https://t.co/AnM5WVeP2y
@aronro @jchaltiwanger Nina Farnia, Rachel Lederman and Meredith Wallis can warp the reader's vision of Antifa all… https://t.co/fP9iJsWzEX
RT @JoyRossDavis: #PitMad #wf Twin ghosts trapped for 150 years in a crumbling mansion. Now, Rachel has bought their house. #secrets… https://t.co/J5TNRumn20
RT @rachellochridge: *walks downstairs wearing all black* Mom: wouldn't you like to put on a little color? Me: it's called teen ANGST,… https://t.co/UEaZ7GtrCA
Who really knows the future? Professor Rachel Armstrong might... https://t.co/y50PkQCmeR