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block fraud who has been on CNN as a Ralways knew she was a fraud.she only bashed R- truth comes out Dnc chair. block Donna Brazile
Kurt Angle vs Booker T vs The Miz vs R-Truth in a Fatal Four Way 2 by 4 match at #WrestleMania
When does Braun Strowman graduate to destroying the Sin Cara's and R-Truth's of the world? #RAW
RT @InnovationOfHex: @WNSource next weeks main event: Goldust vs R-Truth for the Universal Championship
@BSBWrestling wait Jack Swagger is still here?!? And they have been ignoring R-Truth forever and they need to turn him heel or something and
@WNSource next weeks main event: Goldust vs R-Truth for the Universal Championship
@MrJacobCohen @Boss_Coffee Are you saying I am negative? I bring realism and truth. Just don't call me R Truth.
@MistyC88 omg yes!!! Maybe on R truth and Gold dust make them get some seriousness or with oddly to me Bray Wyatt
Dana Brooke is the female R-Truth. Just makes everything they are in and those they are with look really silly.
This match could really use an R-Truth Pokemon Go run-in
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/zB6VPjrjc2 Raw: R-Truth tells Mr. McMahon and "Stone Cold" he secedes
Don't What Me!! - R Truth
@prograpslady Did you get a whiff of R-Truth? Are a lot of people asking this?
@prograpslady @XavierWoodsPhD WHAT DID R TRUTH DO TO EARN THIS REPUTATION?! lol
RT @wweasvines: r-truth playing pokemon go recklessly https://t.co/loRbKsKSLh
RT @WWE: WWE NEWS: R-Truth suspended - In accordance with the Talent Wellness Program, WWE has suspended Ron Killings (R-Tru... http://t.co/jy8s0PBl
r-truth se podria ir de wwe por que no le gusta su personaje, pero nada es seguro hasta ahora, hay que esperar #rtruth @WWE
ICWA 371: SmackDown - R-Truth Vs Kevin Owens: https://t.co/iiOA4UsQ3c via @YouTube
RT @Archive_A_Wai: [29/08/10] WWE Originals CD @iamjohnpollock & @wai0937 sing your submitted rap lyrics in the R-Truth song contest. https://t.co/YKVqO3kdbw
RT @MoMan60: @realDonaldTrump #AmnestyDon FACTS R TRUTH #LiarandChieftrump Ur DEEDS dnt mtch Ur WORDS which mean 0.0 2 smrt votrs https://t.co/kc55OsRoCC