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RT @FeelQuran: Everything in the heavens and everything in the earth belongs to Him. Allah is the Rich Beyond Need, the Praiseworthy. (Qur'an, 22:64)
RT @FeelQuran: Go, you and your brother, with My Signs and do not slacken in remembering Me. (Qur'an, 20:42) #Qur'an
Loo valores son esas cosas qur todo el mundo sabe que existen, pero siempre olvidan.
RT @FeelQuran: Go, you and your brother, with My Signs and do not slacken in remembering Me. (Qur'an, 20:42) #Qur'an
Terrorist attacks in the 🇬🇧 man what's wrong with people in this world.. Can't even travel the way you want 🙏🏽🙏🏽
RT @Alhamdhulillaah: We sent the Qur'an down as verses of clear evidence and because Allah guides whom He intends #Quran 22:16
@wyattroks @larrythebabypic taking certain scriptures from the Qur'an is only showing snapshots of the religion.
One reason for the ‘disconnect’ between today’s Muslims & the Qur'an is that most of them do not understand Arabic - learn Arabic & benefit
The first sahabi to recite #Qur'an in #public was Ibn Masood
And as for beggars, do not berate them. (Qur'an, 93:10) #Qur'an
ADNAN OKTAR : Youth should be educated with science, facts leading to faith and with the miracles of the Qur'an. https://t.co/MaLAHs61DZ
Qur ganas de largarme a llorar tengo! 😔😔
Religion IS the Qur'an. You cannot be a Muslim and disregard the Qur'an completely. You said religion wouldn't perm… https://t.co/qcII3B27sl
Free Smoke 💨 Free Smoke Aye
#EfectoViralExa973 NECESITO IR POR FAVOR ES LO QUR MAS QUIERO 😞 @Kanoacosta @examonterrey
O gilgamesh irritada porque nao ta entendendo o que ta acontecendo puta qur pariu eu to rindo num tanto Sou eu
For no reason? You moron. How can you act like an expert on Islam and the Qur'an? Shameless. Do you have any creden… https://t.co/Df6Fa3igy2
Wa iza kuri'ar qur'anu fastami'u lahu wa ansitu la'allakum turhamun.
What will be our condition on ‘The Day of the Judgement’ according to the Qur’an?
RT @jihadwatchRS: Paris airport jihadi had Qur’an, screamed “I’m here to die for Allah, there will be deaths” https://t.co/5w78ae3Ttk
@HilaryLaholt @ameliamerrick0 That "muslim bible" you speak of is actually called the Qur'an. I'm pretty sure you read that out of context.
@AmyMek don't generalize just because most of the terrorist attacks IN THE NEWS were by Muslims. Might as well read the Qur'an first. 🙂