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Mel is at Lambourn Pharmacy this morning from 10:00 - 13:00. She will talk and support you through your quit... https://t.co/TukQD9mG7L
NEW MUSIC! A.Smith - Can't Quit Smokin (Prod. By Draven) Like, comment, RT!! #NewMusicAlert #hiphop #music #rt https://t.co/CJnf449VzO
Big up my nikka, ur recognised.....those advices are working. Don't give up! Winners don't quit. #NoRush https://t.co/GosYckPiQG
Never give up, It's like breathing --- once you quit your flame dies letting total darkness extinguish every... https://t.co/SLhP15X3WY
#LoveAffairs 28 If the person you're planning to marry isn't going to quit certain things before you get... https://t.co/5QlcuiljfM
I quit - I'm not supplying endless p/w iterations to your broken app @facebook - has your security been compromised? Sure looks suspicious 😒
Quitting now could rescue your career. Read more: https://t.co/KKXFQPzBah https://t.co/71UFzlp8SU
I quit facebook. Wala akong pake sainyo 🙂
maybe if people would start to understand psychology and personality types than people will quit expecting others... https://t.co/zE9P491U0D
My iBone decided to quit for a bit, so we will continue the pawrty tomorrow. Nighty night, friends 💕✨🌙... https://t.co/clsuynEqOr
RT @Bhuvan_Bam: Kaanta Ben is planning to quit her job as maid. But why? Presenting: " Kaanta Ben " SHARE if you had a laugh! TAG... https://t.co/ZIHvzviaA2
Apple basically quit on me and I had to call Andrew from my laptop via Facebook.
Life has two rules: #1 Never quit; #2 Always remember rule # 1.” -Adolf Hitler, 6 June 1944, re: the D-Day... https://t.co/9EDAULOaT6
@Tokerwaredotcom Don't stop, don't quit, keep your chin up! Get support here: https://t.co/qWEmftGPpW
Hour four no @facebook @DishNation My addiction on fire , I quit facebook . I'm lost , I need it
RT @wickedying: Facebook feed is full of negativity and shady posts like come on if you have a deal with someone let them know. Quit the blind item thing! 😄
I Will Quit Facebook When I Get 2000 Likes In 5 Seconds Like Floyd Mayweather #hehehe
The temptation to quit and start over infects every creative process I've ever been in. Frustration and boredom...https://t.co/yMbhvwlIX9
RT @benjochannon: Fuck you Gump. Is America great yet? Harass every one of the corrupt pieces of shit until they quit in... https://t.co/FFx35CRh97
RT @_QueenChy: @lovenishaaaaa you steady Tryna pick a argue over a mf 😭when they talk to the whole Facebook. I quit texting him so what's the deal ¿
@lovenishaaaaa you steady Tryna pick a argue over a mf 😭when they talk to the whole Facebook. I quit texting him so what's the deal ¿