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@Kisa_theKeks Wie du gemerkt hast muss man leider die Kommentare der Hälfte der Quidditch-Spieler ignorieren *drop*
U say home, I say Hogwarts. U say football, I say quidditch. U say jail, we say Azkaban. U say 4ever, I say always.… https://t.co/A9MgjG2Ufd
Fingers crossed but I’m hoping you’ll love this: Gettin ARTSY with Rivers - Quidditch Pong https://t.co/o9MpP7LIXN
Cedric is the Hufflepuffs Quidditch Captain ,he play as seeker #bot
@AraOllivander Je ne pense pas. A vrai dire, je ne suis plus l'actualité du Quidditch depuis un moment. * franchit le portail pour sortir *
オリバー:タバコ吸う女の人ってどう? ロジャー:個人の自由かなあ セドリック:出来れば吸って欲しくはないですけどね オリバー:体に悪いしなぁ マーカス:俺はタバコになりたい 「「「「えっ!?」」」」
@stolenoc It's bullshit that people can bring their own brooms to high school Quidditch
RT @PotterWorldUK: McGonagall: “This match has been cancelled.” Oliver Wood: “You can't cancel Quidditch.”… https://t.co/zoj3bek6br
進学先のサークル見てたら Doctor Who、Hurry Potterなど納得のものからQuidditch、Pokemon Goサークルまであったwww
"Harry you're the best Quidditch player, you're so good at catching that fast ball" "Thx" says Harry, from atop the fastest broom at school
Es würde sich ein Artikel über Quidditch anbieten. Leider habe ich absolut keinen Bock darauf, da es meist in nervigen Stress ausartet. 😎
RT @thelastofdavid: how cool would house football at hogwarts be like, quidditch is dope and all, but imagine malfoy getting trucked
@AraOllivander J'étais très efficaces. * amusé * Je supportais l'équipe nationale de Quidditch du Nord. C'était les meilleurs à l'époque.
Yo @minalima, feel like doing us a solid and putting one together for us? #quidditch https://t.co/lee0kKJ72H
teacher yuuri offers to run all the weird clubs that his students wanna be part of: quidditch, star wars club, knitting, chocolate makingidk
@AraOllivander * avoue, un peu amusé * J'adorais aller aux Glaces de Florian Fortarôme. Ou au magasin d'accessoires de Quidditch. -
RT @PotterWorldUK: McGonagall: “This match has been cancelled.” Oliver Wood: “You can't cancel Quidditch.”… https://t.co/zoj3bek6br
@IsaidNoPotter @Black_Padfoot_ @JProngsP No me gusta tanto leer, Lily. Y los otros dos marmotas no me acompañan nunca al Campo de Quidditch.
Potions, Quidditch + transfiguration - all happening at the Harry Potter event on Sat 29 Apr - come share the magic… https://t.co/T9I1t6ukZZ
ロジャー:オリバー、マーカスが『死にたい』って言ってるんだけど大丈夫? オリバー:あー、あれは翻訳すると『今目の前にあること全部放り出して二度寝したい、現実から飛び出して常夏の島で1日を過ごしたい』ぐらいの意味だからあんま気にすんな
RT @tsite_news: HYDEと赤西仁がLINE LIVE「さしめし」特別編に登場! https://t.co/dEsf2cIeEY #HYDE #赤西仁 #さしめし #VAMPS #ラルク #LINELIVE #TSITE https://t.co/CrgYQxBTaq