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@marcysutton @ScreenFlow If Importing it may be a codec compatibility issue. Try playing in Quicktime. Right click… https://t.co/7N8nnOqN5G
@StenningJoel @Jaykae10 @mikeskinnerltd That’s madness 😂 I was trying to get tickets but they sold out QuickTime
@charliedeets @gabrielvaldivia Love some of the system-level UIs (Quicktime screen recording, FaceTime, external di… https://t.co/c4MMsltXOA
Why did insta think "active now" would be a good idea 😩 turned that off quicktime
@jackmcconnell They did an update to Quicktime that removed the function to one-click-save a video as a smaller fil… https://t.co/GdV0sTt4YC
We’re working on a new project and we want to do some screen recording. Is the built in Quicktime screen recorder g… https://t.co/dQe2SHh50p
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Hey Lazyweb, what’s a good screen recorder for macOS that is not QuickTime Player?
someome come play quicktime
eu odeio o quicktime
@grenxdejumper James 19 needs to quicktime hit me the fuck up x x x x
Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube (https://t.co/yIz12AjZEA - TUTORIAL BOUNCE TO QUICKTIME MOVIE).
damn I could use a major quicktime right now before work
@EmperorBigD 1998. Using my dialup modem to download a 12mb QuickTime version of the driving school episode. Qual… https://t.co/2JSWGOp8xv
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RT @hamko1114: あのね、QuickTimeで画面収録するときにね、アプリ起動→メニューから新規画面収録を選ぶってやるのが面倒なのでショートカットあててマクロ作ったんですよ。でもね、Dockアイコン右クリック一発で新規画面収録できるんだね。なんかも… https://t.co/NLYjyAGQWm
Ngl Shotts will have him quicktime https://t.co/IjfDXa56AF
@sitake_you 繋げるのはスマホ画面を録画する話。編集はQuickTimeじゃなくて別ソフトで。パソコンでなんか適当にMovieMakerでもなんでも使ってやってくれ。
@sitake_you ・スマホをケーブルでパソコンに繋ぐ。 ・QuickTimeをパソコンで起動して録画する。 ・録画したファイルは切り出すなりスマホに移すなり好きにする。 (スマホでも気軽に見れる、の文意が曖昧だからこれで必要条件を満たしているのか不明)
@sitake_you パソコンで録画したらいいんじゃないか。https://t.co/shM8W3WsP0
@LarrySion Si tienes ios no hace falta, puedes usar la funcion de grabacion de pantalla, o enchufarlo por cable a u… https://t.co/a9CJ6CUBPC
RT @Ajaychairman: My guess is #Vijay looking for 2 releases in 2019. Been Thalapathy practice since 2011 to give 3 rel in 2 yrs. (12… https://t.co/hAQJ62qbP5
i exported the video again with the filthy mac software known as quicktime and it is now miraculously 30 mb with no… https://t.co/1bcRMVBhZB
[jit.qt.grab] QuickTime互換ビデオ・デジタイザからのビデオのデジタイズを行い、信号をJitterのマトリックスに圧縮解除します。
3 assignments all submitted on the same day. 4 if you include recording the app through QuickTime. Well deserved trip to the cinema beckons.