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RT @kingsofjdm: RT to bless someones timeline 😂 https://t.co/TL7uzKA86T
#NowPlaying Quentin Tarantino - Madonna Speech
RT @IndieWire: "The best premise I’ve seen in a horror film in a long, long, long time." Quentin Tarantino on #ItFollows:… https://t.co/UCXX6AqheS
any quentin tarantino film https://t.co/Dhfuqpl0yk
I no longer know if Caroline wants to get groovy like a Tarantino movie or if she's the reason for the word witch.
okay im trying to avoid thinking about the fact that tarantino once played in the stage version of wait until dark. how horrible
Tarantino needs to write a part for Tatem O'neil she could play a bad bitch you can thank me later.
Tarantino's last three movies have had some genuinely interesting ideas and questions about violence and the oppressed/oppressor.
Sigamos con Tarantino...
Doly Deniro - "BOMBS" Prod By: SpvceMvn ( A Spike Tarantino Joint ) @directorkmac #Bombs #Video #Doly #New https://t.co/MeIYMQHDBd
RT @SimonsWsim2323: @tnsinmovies The Hateful Eight (2015) D:Quentin Tarantino https://t.co/lcBzLIWgd9
RT @SimonsWsim2323: @tnsinmovies The Hateful Eight (2015) D:Quentin Tarantino https://t.co/HlvIJU0ho3
RT @SimonsWsim2323: @tnsinmovies The Hateful Eight (2015) D:Quentin Tarantino https://t.co/PXpG2bA8NE
“Dogs got personality. Personality goes a long way.” — Quentin Tarantino https://t.co/ShKkhrOBzo
RT @Ginkoposts: Quentin Tarantino Directed my Sextape.
Ahora no me puedo dormir reconstruyendo escenas del casi robo pero versión Tarantino https://t.co/RPJz2g1Re9
Samuel L. Jackson recita Ezechiele 25:17 dal film cult Pulp Fiction di Quentin Tarantino https://t.co/Av59s3ElZh
Isaiah Thomas has Celtic Nation tripping over a god damn emoji
@Chyrhorock Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese or Woody Allen haha
RT @ColorsEffect: Pulp Fiction (1994) dir. Quentin Tarantino https://t.co/yiEZunurCo
vivi pra ver supernatural ter um episódio que faz homenagem aos filmes do tarantino