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@aemilius_heros Scream Queens, the best show ever on network tv.
RT @ErickTena1: Women are queens and deserve to be treated as such https://t.co/70F7m577ni
Bitches be hoes and think they princesses and queens Unfortunately thats not what being a princess or Queens is about... Stay Woke Bishes...
RT @BaseballBalks: I love that Kevin Can Wait just became King of Queens randomly
RT @becarioenhoth: Agosto 1966. Exterior del Shea Stadium de Queens (Nueva York). Una entrevista a varias fans de los Beatles. Y, a la… https://t.co/f9LIZy7Aot
Get you a mans from Queens He'll sass the shit out of you, and life will be a fun game
RT @PolycarpHinga: Rwanda has outlawed the advertising and smoking of sheesha. Now what will their slay queens be doing in the evening in Kigali's Roysambu?
RT @NiaaDarling: Black women are phenomenal 🌷 Black women are intelligent 👩🏽‍🎓👩🏾‍🎓👩🏿‍🎓 Black women are beautiful 😍😍 Black women are Queens 👑🙏🏾
RT @lawnmowerdeth: It's only 2 days now on the advent countdown to download F U Kristmas Day, Dec 18th. #fuckem #togetherwecandoit.… https://t.co/eaCEL2xLAF
RT @Chloeuchloeu: Hannah Pixie c'est vraiment la queen des queens https://t.co/LkfqgidE6x
RT @DistructionB: ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️ _AFRICAN KINGS & QUEENS!!! https://t.co/FJRlSBtOZP
LOOKS AT THESE QUEENS THOUGH 😍😍😍 https://t.co/Z6hLjJe5ic
I don’t even flirt. I just uplift Queens whenever I see them...
RT @grandelano: on top of lying to her repeatedly about where the bag is & hanging up on her twice before she brought it to twitter… https://t.co/SmUFjPBk3d
RT @LaidaGeorge: ASAP: Sarah G and the ASAP Birit Queens' heartwarming rendition of 'Silent Night' https://t.co/3xAgS1r7Ob
@siyeonsheart This is acceptable. Queens that will take over the world.
It's so funny on here that men think it's impossible that women they don't find attractive get treated like queens.
@harryaspriority @memesfactorial lo saqué de chilean queens, ni siquiera cacho la cuenta xd
RT @1Pepsy: RSPCA: Six of The Queen's #SWANS 'Stabbed and Beheaded' - In #SouthLondon Parks! https://t.co/HE5Oshogmo. #UK https://t.co/cH2pkiYTRx
RT @kitchentablenw6: Hi, It would be great if anyone in the Kilburn/Queens Park/West Hampstead area could RT this photo of Our missing c… https://t.co/1ndpryEhrn