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@ipquagmire @thebradfordfile @babysgramma @realDonaldTrump @AppSame @TrumpGirlStrong @DonnaWR8 @RightWingAngel… https://t.co/QSYv7rirrN
RT @DrJillStein: At this historic moment of unprecedented crisis and unstoppable resistance, we must continue building the movement… https://t.co/x7RL7iFQe3
@TrumpGirlStrong @MAGA_Engineer Quagmire. Perfect name dont you think?
RT @Lakers: KCP throws it up, BI throws it down! #LakeShow (📺: @SpectrumSN & @spectdeportes) https://t.co/ppCXdBDQ6l
quagmire /kwæ'gmàiər/ (名)沼地 #eiken #tango
vendo os snaps da avi lake e percebendo o quanto eu falo quagmire errado
New podcast! Skinner gets his own episode in “Avatar” & Mulder and Scully encounter a lake monster in “Quagmire”. L… https://t.co/j8lDYPSh8H
RT @Lakers: JC for 3️⃣! Clarkson's up to 13 points in his hot start to the game.
RT @XXL: A petition for Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf to reconsider Meek Mill's sentence already has 30,000 supporters… https://t.co/J1mm3vyCWa
RT @ColbyBrock: Brennen Taylor = Quagmire
RT @margokingston1: PM's counterattack - drag Shorten into his coverup quagmire. https://t.co/2KGb4QEBYG
i got this money countin issue
How does a ragtag volunteer army in need of a shower Somehow defeat a global superpower? How do we emerge victoriou… https://t.co/T7PP2QcD12
Quagmire: I need you to have sex with me while she watches. Peter: I have some demands.
RT @_KingDev_: @TheJokerJavis Sounding like this: https://t.co/qoynb7kwZ7
RT @TheJokerJavis: "And shiiiiit after that just round that mothafucka" https://t.co/n4kxYyUiil
@IngrahamAngle And Northern Virginia is basically an extension of the Dem quagmire of D.C. And it is expanding.
@SenJohnMcCain If you stop now, you may save your soul from rotting in hell....I wish I could look in your eyes and… https://t.co/PhkBLUNjJB
RT @cavs: 👑 @KingJames averaged a double-double vs. the Rockets in 2016-17. #CavsRockets || #AllForOne https://t.co/LVLXEDXdn9
RT @Lakers: Lonzo and Kuzma running the pick and roll to perfection #LakeShow (📺: @SpectrumSN & @spectdeportes) https://t.co/KdUv4YlDGQ
@mrjohndarby That one was new to me tbh! I was looking to link a clip when Peter sings that to Cleveland to somehow… https://t.co/SldsuML4lG
RT @Lakers: Lonzo 🔌➡️ KCP
RT @Lakers: BroLo➕1️⃣ KCP➕1️⃣ Back-to-back and-1s give the Lakers a 12-11 lead.