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@ColeyMick @meke804 I will cape for RJ the way Al Davis once caped for JaMarcus Russell
Hey @Vikings I hear JaMarcus Russell is still available...
Yeah and Jamarcus Russell RT @WayneL_Jr: Vikings might as well sign Manziel πŸ‘€
RT @FakeSportsCentr: Joey Bosa's holdout is the longest by a top 3 pick since JaMarcus Russell...Which means Bosa will be addicted to purple drank in 2 years.
Theoretically retired guys who they could call: Kyle Orton JaMarcus Russell David Garrard Peyton Manning Vinny Testeverde Brett Favre ...(4)
@FirstTake Sorry I meant JaMarcus Russell... Gotta love the auto text!
@Mark_Olson25 I'm dead on Jamarcus Russell for free πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@Brad_With_Y list of qbs the Vikings need. Ponder, Gus Frerotte, or even Jamarcus Russell. He said his first year was free.
@stephenasmith I agree JaMarcus Russell would have become a HALL of Famer if he had as many changes as Tim Tebow
@jasonfitz Raiders kicked in teeth moments: 1. Tuck Rule. 2. Barret Robbins. 3. JaMarcus Russell .....do I need to continue? ??
@thefanaticsview JaMarcus Russell is the clear choice
@AdrianPeterson tell the @Vikings to sign Jamarcus Russell
Alright, here we go JaMarcus Russell time for the comeback
@AndrewShirley07 JaMarcus Russell is available
@tybozant coming from the guy that said Jamarcus Russell is the best
@smalls96 I'm all for JaMarcus Russell before they bring that disrespectful moron anywhere close to the Vikings organization
Tonight I've watched the JaMarcus Russell 30For30 at least 8 times and finished a half bottle of Black Velvet whiskey #Vikings #Bridgewater
@neg_dave The only one that makes sense for the Purple is none other than Mr. Purple Drank himself... Jamarcus Russell! #TrustInTheBust
RT @JtESPN991: If Bridgewater is out 4 season. Your non realistic options include: Favre A shirtless Bud Grant Tim Tebow Jamarcus Russell (FREE) Manziel