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Honey, I know, I know I know times are changing It's time we all reach out For something new, that means you too...… https://t.co/AaAyIu1Mqn
Prince - Purple Rain (1984) 1- Let's Go Crazy 2- Purple Rain 3- When Doves Cry https://t.co/4iTFStfmlR
RT @calashi: My 1st concert. #IWasAtThisVeryShow from this pic. The Purple Rain Tour. Dad surprised me. I ended up in a room ful… https://t.co/gbh9aaxORi
@Essence Purple rain. Every song perfect.
The SB halftime performance he did sing Purple Rain in the rain as the Colts won the game is one of my favorite mus… https://t.co/pMA140oEOS
@CarlCannotTweet Purple Rain Chronic Jesus Is My Friend
Purple Rain on cassette and laser disc. i also have it on vinyl, vhs and dvd. #RIPPRINCE https://t.co/OEFcxPg5Jj
Prince - Purple Rain (Official Video) https://t.co/HXBBZ72X8P
RT @GermanyMisfits: Mein gute Nacht song für euch wünsche ich euch allen eine gute Nacht und bis morgen #misfits 😘🐇Hör dir James Kenned… https://t.co/f9KKgsd83O
Prince in pictures: Remembering the Purple Rain singer three years after his death https://t.co/FzPvGq3xp6
RT @VOXamps: We only want to see you laughing in the purple rain...💜 #Prince https://t.co/NhjDAtdJJ3
Prince - Purple Rain (Live 1985) https://t.co/SAuF4GVkJN via @YouTube
@EdanClay @prince Purple Rain. It’s stellar and can’t be topped.
RT @9T99art: "RAIN" celebrates 35 years of Purple Rain. This limited edition art book shows the movie in 35 new and colorful ill… https://t.co/pvVFjHOyap
purple rain by Prince will always be a vibe
RT @Miltos_Karatzas: Song of the day: 22/4 # Purple Rain - Prince https://t.co/TcNqUcFlKt
Song of the day: 22/4 # Purple Rain - Prince https://t.co/TcNqUcFlKt
i’ve been listening to the purple rain album the last few days, musical genius gone too soon https://t.co/Pa3RZR4UYP
RT @DaftLimmy: Prince died three years ago today. Here is my techno tribute version of Purple Rain. https://t.co/sw3MjC0eWO
RT @musimerides: En 2016 fallece a los 57 años el ícono pop Prince. Con una carrera que abarcó 4 décadas, es conocido mundialmente p… https://t.co/jgJSDyilgv