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RT @ofalliances: ❛ to quote my ancestors... try me, bitch. ❜ — ravenclaw, but slytherin at heart. — pureblood and proud of it. — pr… https://t.co/jJNAliuoD1
RT @LupusPericulo: “What’s the point in trying to fit in” - Werewolf - Ex Slytherin - Pureblood - Dislikes the human world and human… https://t.co/EtwmDLkxka
i'm the pureblood price
[Dino's CV(?)] My birthday's on February the 4th. I was born in Italy, of course! And I'm a pureblood Italian. [#DinoBOT]
@purpleyhan Seobaby is a pureblood 😍 Go Slytherin
muggles - tak layan hp halfblood - tengok movie je pureblood - baca novel & tengok movie janganla terasa kalau aku… https://t.co/BlJZ7nD440
Realizing a long-term goal challenges the limits of your curre... More for Aries https://t.co/Y4WibUFgTA
@educationfess Kalo kamu ga pureblood mending gryffindor aja duluan nder🙏
Your name is Mar-car, a level 19 Yuan-Ti Pureblood barbarian. You hail from a far-off mountain castle, and you're a well-adjusted sociopath.
@rabbitgrille Pureblood sombong2 cwih kek lu
@educationfess waduh nder km pureblood ga? takutnya slytherin ga nerima yg darah campuran:( oiya, nilai perlindun… https://t.co/JtMnxA3hYF
Your name is Mesbri, a level 8 Yuan-Ti Pureblood sorcerer. You hail from a holy, pious city, and you're murderous, like in a sexual way.
@NCTsFULLSUN00 Lo muggleblood gue pureblood. Mantap.
RT @CzBacklash: Succubi/Incubi Swarm Tabaxi Terron Thri-Kreen Tiefling Tortle Triton Unchained Familiar Undead Vampire Vanara Vedal… https://t.co/Al7eAoAU3j
@adamjnolin @MylesBoch @thelucky7smokes @PrisonPlanet What happens when men are too big a deficit to risk mating wi… https://t.co/V2E3Pia9O5
@educationfess Tapi biasanya slytherin lebih prioritasin pureblood ih. Kamu bisa bisa diblacklist kalo mudblood. :/
RT @albus_w: ⟆ ✧ Newt Scamander — Actividad. No se exige 24/7. — FC: Eddie Redmayne, adulto. — Magizoologista. — Se promete… https://t.co/J1qEcDX4hZ
RT @albus_w: ⟆ ✧ Rubeus Hagrid. — Actividad. — FC: Robbie Coltrane. — Guardabosque de Hogwarts. — Gryffindor. — Se promete a… https://t.co/y4vOkgfb0W
RT @albus_w: ⟆ ✧ Rita Skeeter. — Actividad. — FC: Miranda Richardson, se puede negociar. — Reportera de: El Profeta. — Se pro… https://t.co/UyeLvoClx6
@lettalest No es que yo sea el experto en estas cosas...-murmura con sorna, como si no fuese algo obvio para todo e… https://t.co/kH6RpmrSla
@Iron_Spike How wasn't the fascism evident to everyone from the start?It was a clear pureblood/jew dehumanization w… https://t.co/T6AGYEIDwD
Well I’m a single Pureblood! Might as well be a player! https://t.co/pxBrKSuihw
@Pureblood_48 คนเขารักกัน 😍😍😍😍
@birdiescamander died in Paris a few years back. They made fun of her and me for being friends. Mostly her because… https://t.co/CdVpinyG5V